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10 Topic Ideas to Jump-start Internal Newsletter Campaign

Once you get the hang of writing internal newsletters it becomes an easy and even enjoyable task. Especially when a large share of the content for your employee newsletter is already in SharePoint, and can be retrieved automatically. Coming up with topic ideas for your newsletters, however, is a different story. It can be strenuous as well as time-consuming work. The last thing you want to do is use those same 3 ideas you once came up with over and over again.

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People on average receive more information than they can consume. Hence your newsletters need to stand out head and shoulders to be noticed. For this reason, I decided to share some of my own topic ideas. Undoubtedly, these 10 surprising topic suggestions will help you jumpstart your internal newsletters campaign.

1. Take a trip down memory lane

Include an old newspaper clipping talking about your business in your next internal newsletter. Also, consider adding a staff picture from the seventies. Rest assured your employees will love seeing those frisky hairdos and flared jeans.

2. Tell a personal story

Few things are as compelling as an intimate success story. For example, ask that ambitious person that started out in your office as an intern and is now managing a whole department to write about their journey.

3. Create an intriguing infographic

Statistics do not have to be boring. Thus, create a visually striking infographic to capture attention and share interesting developments within your company or industry.

4. Stick with one theme

During Easter, you could lay the focus of your newsletter on things that are hidden. Alternatively, you could find out and share the most popular activity your staff will indulge in during the holiday. Moreover, you could even invite people to look for Easter eggs you hid on your SharePoint. The first one to find all of them receives an actual basket filled with chocolate eggs.

5. Share your knowledge

What are you an expert in? Share your knowledge in an easy to read article that will be as captivating to a complete layman as it will be to someone that already has some understanding of the subject.

06. Show don’t tell

You are not limited to words, tell a story using videos and photos. For instance, ask a different staff member every week to create a vlog about their day at work.

07. Start a challenge

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Likewise, you could start a challenge of your own to call attention to a cause close to your heart or company’s philosophy. Include updates and videos covering the challenge with your newsletters.

08. Compile a list of recommendations

Who are the leading specialists and academics writing about your sector? Gather a list of influencers you follow on LinkedIn and Twitter, write a sentence or two about why you think they are worth following, and share them with your colleagues.

09. Quiz your employees

A quiz is a great and approachable way to engage your employees with industry news and also company policy changes. Moreover, you could even award the best contestants with a prize.

10. Say thanks, and mean it

Just completed an intense project? Afterward, let your employees know you are excited about the job they did. Give them a sneak peek of the end product, or include a client’s happy response to the result of all those hours of hard work.

Write to Inspire

Topic Ideas

Instead of boring your staff, you should be surprising them with captivating stories. Remember, people nowadays take in more information daily than ever before in human history. Most things they have seen before. That is why it is essential to think out of the box when you are brainstorming. Your newsletters need to stand out from the information tsunami to be worth your employees’ time.

So, how are you going to let these ideas work for you? What newsletter topics that you have used in the past were most effective? Do you agree with our list of internal newsletter ideas?

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