The simplest SharePoint alert and reminder tool

​Send reminders, extend alerts and notifications, customize templates. No web parts, workflows, or coding involved.

A screenshot showing SharePoint reminder tool

Reminders on items

JungleBell comes with Past by or Approaching in criterias. Sending automatic reminders on project deadlines, overdue tasks, upcoming meetings, contracts or policy expiration has never been so easy.

Powerful condition builder

JungleBell user-friendly interface allows SharePoint users to intuitively set up customized email alerts with only a few clicks, and without using any coding or workflows.

Build condition groups by simply selecting the desired list columns, the related actions and final value. Use multiple conditions at once to filter the alert results. The possibilities are limitless.

Extensive alert functionality

Set up alerts to be triggered when SharePoint items are created, modified, and deleted. It’s even possible to configure alerts on changes in specific SharePoint column values (e.g., Task Status).

Customize recipients

Choose alert recipients from any SharePoint list, group or manually specified e-mail. Filter contacts by list views. Send alerts using other lists columns’ data.

Set recipients as direct, CC or BCC recipients, or set custom From and Reply-To addresses.

Personalize content

Manage the alert content using predefined templates or create a custom template body with HTML or Rich Text editor.


Recipient data mail merge

Templates contain placeholders which will be replaced by data from your SharePoint once alert is executed. All available placeholders for SharePoint columns are given for you to use.

Alert summary

Combine alerts by inserting a repeating

in the template body. All alerts, related to the subject, will be automatically sent in a single summary email, reducing the amount of alerts sent.

Send now or schedule

Your alerts will be received exactly when they need to be. Either send them immediately after event occurs, or schedule them to be sent hourly, daily, monthly, even on the first or last working day.

Automate your SharePoint alerts today.

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