Send employee newsletters in Google Workspace. 

Improve employee engagement to improve business performance. JungleMail makes it easy to send personalized newsletters within minutes. 

Send employee newsletters in Google Workspace. 


Built for Google Workspace

Designed for seamless integration, JungleMail enables you to create, customize, and send employee newsletters without leaving your Google ecosystem, ensuring your internal communications effortlessly blend into your daily workflow.

Engage employees

Internal newsletters are a direct way to connect with your team, ensuring your messages don’t get lost in the digital noise. With JungleMail’s user-friendly interface, promoting employee engagement, gathering feedback, and sparking meaningful conversations becomes easier than ever. 

Promote sense of community

JungleMail fosters a sense of community among employees by providing a platform for inclusive communication, where every voice is heard and valued.  Through personalized newsletters and engaging surveys, JungleMail promotes a shared sense of belonging, even for remote teams. 

Engage your employees through effective newsletters and surveys, wherever they are.

Google Workspace Directory Connection

Integrate directly with your Google Workspace Directory to conveniently reach groups and users within your organization. Streamline your mailing efforts by tapping into the organizational structure you already have in place. 

Google Contacts Connection

Connect seamlessly with your Google Contacts to personalize your communication. Access and utilize your carefully curated contact lists to ensure your newsletters hit the right inbox every time.


JungleMail is all about meeting the evolving needs of modern businesses.

Build your next newsletter layout by dragging various elements like sections, titles, content blocks and others right into the body of the newsletter. Our intuitive Drag & Drop builder lets you create designer-level newsletters in no time. 

Discover our Drag & Drop builder


Surveys serve as your exclusive backstage pass, allowing you to grasp the heartbeat of your organization and providing a direct pathway to feedback that drives progress. Demonstrate your commitment to your employees by delivering an enjoyable survey experience that enhances engagement. Select from 10 different survey types and easily send image surveys in just minutes.

Learn how to engage your employees

The branding control feature allows you to incorporate custom fonts and colors to ensure consistent brand identity across all your newsletters and make it easy to stick to corporate branding requirements.  

The Power of AI Assistants

Make your newsletters stand out with the help of Ai Writer and Ai Artist assistants, ensuring they’re always a must-read. These advanced tools not only improve your writing flow but also make it easier to unleash your creativity.


Your performance is measurable

Get out of the dark and start making smarter decisions. With JungleMail, we’re all about simplifying data analysis, guiding your team to insights that drive actual change. Cut through the clutter — analytics made easy, just like that.

Advanced Analytics

Ditch the guesswork and improve employee engagement with instant feedback. Our analytics suite tracks opens, clicks, unsubscribes, clickstreams, survey responses, and more to enhance the effectiveness of your internal comms.

Google Workspace Directory Profile Based Analytics

Get personal with Google Workspace Directory Profile Based Analytics. Discover user interactions based on roles, departments, and locations using Google Workspace Directory data. This allows for customized strategies, leading to more personalized communication approaches.


The Trends feature offers a comprehensive overview of evolving engagement patterns. It pinpoints top-performing content, optimal sending times, and tracks changes in your team's preferences over time. Let data-driven insights steer your strategy in the right direction.

Unify communication with JungleMail Team Sites

Organization: Keep everything structured and easy to find by sorting content like templates, newsletters, analytics, and settings for different teams or departments.

Control: Give each team or department specific permissions to prevent unauthorized changes and keep everything consistent.

Collaboration: Encourage teamwork by letting teams share templates and best practices.

Features our customers love

Drag & Drop Builder

Effortlessly design responsive newsletters using our intuitive Drag & Drop Builder. Simplify the process and achieve top-notch email layouts every time.

Surveys and Polls

Effortlessly gather real-time feedback with our built-in surveys and polls, empowering your team to share their thoughts while helping you stay in tune with the pulse of your organization.

AI Assistants

Tap into the efficiency of AI assistants to simplify your newsletter creation, making your workflow smoother and more productive.

Enhanced Analytics

Boosting employee engagement begins with measurement. With our in-depth analytics, you'll have a clear picture of what's working and what needs improvement.

Dedicated Solution

For organizations that prioritize additional privacy and security, JungleMail offers a dedicated solution hosted in your cloud or local network.

Compliance Certificates and Reports

ISO 9001:2015

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ISO/IEC 27001:2013

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Soc 2 Type II

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