Automate document creation in SharePoint

Generate documents right from your SharePoint list or library. Instant proposals, presentations, reports – and no errors.

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1-click reports

Easily export selected SharePoint items, views or entire lists into Word reports that you can customize to include specific metadata, charts, images, and more. Update content without opening documents.

Mail merge from SharePoint

No more copy-pasting, manual filling or other time-consuming routine tasks. Easily mail merge business letters, labels, custom proposals, contracts, worksheets and much more. You can assemble a document from multiple items, create a document per SharePoint list item or merge several documents into one.

Big documents from Small Parts

Split frequently used content into Small Parts, then combine them into documents by checking boxes. Assemble custom Word documents or PowerPoint presentations in seconds.

Use JungleDocs for:

• Contract management
• Proposals and sales agreements
• Quotations and invoices
• Contracts, letters
• Legal documents

• HR documents and forms
• Presentations
• Mail-merged labels, envelopes
• Reports (sales, project issues, work hours, financial etc).

Smart metadata handling

With JungleDocs you can easily pass selected properties from an existing file to a new one. You can even set rules for properties that are executed automatically when you create a document.

Automate file naming

Create rules that automatically keep document titles in line with your company’s file naming conventions. This makes your documents easier to find, and helps with overall SharePoint productivity.

Take JungleDocs beyond SharePoint

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Convert to PDF & XPS

Convert selected documents, views or complete libraries into high-fidelity PDF or XPS files.

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Employ workflows and APIs

Automate document creation and management through custom workflows in SharePoint.

What our client says

Logotype of Callisto Integrations company “Not only did JungleDocs meet our needs but Enovapoint was supportive and responsive throughout the evaluation process.”

Yves Dufort
Principal Consultant

Automate your SharePoint documents today.

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