JungleDocs - Document Automation for SharePoint

Automate Word, Excel and PowerPoint Documents.
Beautiful Proposals, Contracts, Presentations & Reports. And no errors.

Document Assembly from multiple files

Divide relevant information into "Small Parts"
and combine them whenever necessary.

Document Combining and Small Parts

The idea here is to divide the relevant information into numerous smaller files and merge them by simply selecting checkboxes. Generate personalized Word proposals and Powerpoint presentations in seconds by filling up the chosen template with Small Parts.

Export SharePoint lists. Chart your SharePoint data.

Export Lists & Views into real time single reports. Updatable Word & Excel.
Visualize SharePoint data with JungleDocs.

Create Reports from SharePoint list

Export SharePoint lists, views, selected or filtered items, and have the flexibility to customize your report to show exactly what you need.

Where can I use JungleDocs?

  • Contract Management
  • Business Proposals and Sales Agreements
  • Quotations. Account Plans and Invoices
  • Contracts, letters, legal documents
  • Human Resources documents and HR forms
  • Assembly of presentations
  • Labels, envelopes and business letters Mail Merge
  • Reports: Sales, project issues, work hours, financial.

Mail Merge from SharePoint list

Mail Merge Word, Excel or PowerPoint, selected items or views.
Fill-in with metadata, lookup list, images and rich text.

Mail Merge Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files

Mail merge business letters, labels, custom proposals, contracts, worksheets and much more with JungleDocs. No more copy/pasting, manual filling or other time-consuming routine tasks. You can create one document from multiple items, document per SharePoint list item or merge several Word or PowerPoint documents into one.

Content Reuse and Copy Features

Copy properties from items to documents.
Map properties between items or documents.

Information Reuse and Copy Features

Losing a lot of time filling document’s properties every time a new file is created or uploaded? Pass Properties from an existing file to a new document according to your needs.

Automate Document Management

Route documents to specific library. Automate documents naming.

Automate Document Management

Where can I use JungleDocs?

Convert to PDF & XPS

Convert selected documents, views or complete Libraries into high fidelity PDF or XPS files. JungleDocs 3 supports multiple document conversion at the same time and documents convertion from SPD workflow.

Workflow and API

More possibilities for developers to generate documents and reports through SharePoint workflows or .NET code. SharePoint designer Workflow Extension with 5 actions. JungleDocs API and .NET C# code examples.