Newsletter platform for Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Intranets. 

JungleMail 365 improves employees’ communication and engagement with effective personalized internal newsletters and surveys.

Newsletter platform for Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Intranets. 


Send stories from SharePoint

Automatically populate newsletter with news from SharePoint. Send personalized content based on subscription preferences and unlock the stories within your SharePoint Intranet. It’s about bringing the pulse of your organization to life, straight from SharePoint to your team’s inbox. 

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Engage employees

Internal newsletters serve as a direct channel to connect with your team. Encourage participation, gather employee feedback, and fuel discussions that strengthen team bonds. Simple and effective, JungleMail is your go-to for fostering a vibrant, connected workplace culture.

Promote sense of community

JungleMail promotes a strong sense of community within your organization by keeping employees informed and connected. By fostering open communication, JungleMail helps build a more engaged, productive, and cohesive workforce.

Send internal newsletters to your existing Distribution lists or Office 365 Groups.

Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD)

Set up integrations with Microsoft Entra ID and Microsoft Exchange to send to recipients using Distribution Lists, Exchange Groups, etc or activate the SharePoint Connection. 

SharePoint News

Populate newsletter content automatically from your SharePoint Intranet. Discover how SharePoint content can turn company emails into engaging newsletters that your employees will read because they want to, not because they have to. Apply filters and deliver articles based by user’s subscription preferences to ensure the right message reaches the right people. 

Retrieve content from your SharePoint Intranet/Microsoft 365 Communication Site following the recipient’s preferences. It can be an employee or department related content, content based on recipient preferences. JungleMail can build a unique newsletter for each receiver to drive the employee engagement even higher.


Turn your Company Emails into Engaging Communications

Build your next newsletter layout by dragging various elements like sections, titles, content blocks and others right into the body of the newsletter. Our intuitive Drag & Drop builder lets you create designer-level newsletters in no time. 

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Surveys serve as your exclusive backstage pass, allowing you to grasp the heartbeat of your organization and providing a direct pathway to feedback that drives progress. Demonstrate your commitment to your employees by delivering an enjoyable survey experience that enhances engagement. Select from 10 different survey types and easily send image surveys in just minutes.

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The Archive feature saves each newsletter as a SharePoint page. Employees can comment, like, and share other content on the page. Strengthen your internal communication with employees by triggering discussions and opinions on newsletters.

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Meet JungleMail AI assistants

Work smarter with Ai Writer and Ai Artist assistants to ensure every newsletter is a must-read. These cutting-edge tools not only offer increased writing flow and translate content but also simplify your creative process. 


Your performance is measurable

Focus on metrics that matter, ensuring your engagement strategies directly impact business outcomes. Simplify the complexity of data analysis, and guide your team towards actionable insights that drive real change.

Advanced Analytics

Leave the guesswork behind and boost employee engagement with real-time feedback. Our analytics suite tracks opens, clicks, unsubscribes, clickstreams, survey votes and more to elevate your internal comms effectiveness.


Trends feature provides a thorough view of shifting engagement patterns and identifies which content performs best, optimal sending times and how your team's preferences evolve over time, guiding your strategy with data-driven insights.

AD Profile Based Analytics

Get personal with AD Profile Based Analytics. Explore interactions by user role, department, and location through Active Directory data, enabling tailored strategies for more personalized communication.

Newsletter platform for Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Intranets. 

Unify communication with JungleMail Team Sites

Organization: Keep everything organized and accessible by separating content like templates, newsletters, analytics, and settings for different teams or departments.

Control: Assign permissions to each team or department to prevent unauthorized changes and maintain consistency.

Collaboration: Facilitate collaboration among teams or departments by sharing templates and best practices. 

Features our customers love

Dynamic Content

Make the most of what you already have and fine-tune newsletters with content from your SharePoint intranet.

Drag & Drop Builder

Create responsive newsletters designs with our intuitive Drag & Drop Builder. It's a shortcut to top-notch email designs without the hassle.

Newsletter platform for Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Intranets. 

Surveys and Polls

Gather instant feedback with built-in surveys and polls to measure the pulse of your team, providing a platform for their voices to be heard.

Enhanced Analytics

Measure employee engagement with detailed analytics. See what actually works and identify areas where improvement is needed.

AI Assistants

Let AI assistants streamline your newsletter creation processes, saving you time and ensuring a continuous flow of creativity.

Newsletter platform for Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Intranets. 

SharePoint archive

SharePoint Archive allows employees to review archived newsletters at any time. Ideal for new hires and anyone on the intranet to explore past newsletters and stay up-to-date.

Dedicated Solution

For organizations that prioritize additional privacy and security, JungleMail offers a dedicated solution hosted in your cloud or local network.

Compliance Certificates and Reports

Newsletter platform for Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Intranets. 

ISO 9001:2015

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Newsletter platform for Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Intranets. 

ISO/IEC 27001:2013

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