Email Surveys and Polls for Microsoft 365

Learn what your employees think and build two-way communication with embedded surveys and polls. Design and send surveys in a few clicks; receive employee feedback instantly – all in your communication platform in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

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Multiple Survey Types

Emojis and icons

Get employee responses through various survey options such as star ratings, emojis, scores, and others.


Make your survey fun and engaging with voting on images: add pictures and ask to vote on the preferred one.


Use voting on links or HTML blocks to get extensive employee insights on any relevant topic for your organization.

Image based surveys – new formula for employees engagement

JungleMail allows communication pros to engage and inspire employees with colorful picture surveys. Nice images add a visual aesthetic to your newsletter, speed up survey responses, and increase the participation rate.

  • Decide on project or product-related questions,
    such as prototypes, packaging, patterns, and colors.
  • Choose a location for your company’s next event,
    meetup, or workcation.
  • Vote for your team achievements, out-of-office activities,
    or planned trips.

Design surveys and polls in seconds

Say goodbye to third-party survey websites and tools – create responsive surveys and polls in email with Drag & Drop builderChoose between multiple survey types; manage content and style in settings. Find the best way to transform your ideas into a survey or poll without wasting time.

Collect employee feedback

Employee surveys can play a big part in helping you understand what’s working or not in your organization. Whether it’s finding out employees’ well-being, measuring the impact of a new policy, or how successfully something was performed. Gain in-depth employee insights with the pulse survey option to comment.

Analyze survey and poll results

View real-time survey results in your JungleMail 365 analytics. Check the scores, most popular answers, survey expiration date, and comments. Understand your employees better to build strong company culture and drive innovation. Get all the insights in one place and download results to slice and dice the data further.

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