Improve Your Newsletter Campaigns

6 Tips to Improve Your Newsletter Campaigns

There are many other factors that influence how well your group email campaigns are doing once they leave SharePoint. So this time let’s focus on how to improve your newsletter campaigns!

First of all, simply being able to blast lots of emails from your SharePoint at once does not mean they will reach their destination. Group email delivery speed and deliverability depend on many things:

1. Optimize your email messages

Email delivery speed depends on the size of your messages, the speed of your internet connection and mostly, on SMTP server. The least you can do is to make your email as compact as possible and also as “non-spammy” as possible. There are a lot of resources on the web to help you build a message that will most likely not be filtered and it is always really convenient to test your email’s “spamminess” using a service like

2. Mind your limits and throttling settings

If you have your own server then email limits might not be a problem, but ISP controlled servers will most likely impose an hourly or daily email limit. There is no point in exceeding those limits. The easiest way to control how many emails you send is by using delay. Set a delay between email messages. If you set 1-second delay than you will be able to send no more than 60 emails per minute or 3600 emails per hour. The actual number will be even smaller, depending on the email size and content.

3. Naturally – don’t get blacklisted

This actually involves all steps of email sending process, starting from writing the text, to the moment email actually leaves your server. The most important part of not getting blacklisted is not appearing as a spammer and in order to that, at least follow these steps: Develop good email content, Filter and update your recipient lists and optimize your sending process.

4. Develop good email content:

• Test your email in every possible aspect – links, different email clients, unsupported HTML code and anything else you can think of;
• Use a thoroughly tested and consistent email template. People might even recognize you by looking at a familiar email layout;
• Always include an unsubscribe link;
• Don’t use attachments. Please, just don’t;
• Always test your emails;
• Avoid unnecessary images and graphics, spam filters will pick up messages that contain too many images;
• Don’t use UPPERCASE in the emails unless it’s absolutely necessary. It’s easier than you might think;
• Make sure you don’t use “spammy” keywords like “free”, “buy now” and etc. There are many resources for spammy keywords on the web;
• Did you test your email? Do that once more.

5. Work on your mailing lists:

• Make sure you create lists for group emails with real email addresses. Might be hard to follow up if you buy your lists;
• Make sure that at least most of your recipients have somehow opted in. It’s more of a requirement than a tip;
• Differentiate recipients by interests, sources, locations and any other criteria you might think of. It’s not good if recipients receive your newsletters at night;

6. Optimize your sending:

• Don’t send out your campaigns too frequently;
• Make sure to use a real and sensible sender’s address.

When sending group emails at speeds approaching your server limits, a well configured and trusted SMTP server is even more important. Being filtered or blocked might even be caused by sending too many emails.. If multiple emails fail to be delivered or get bounced from a certain server, sending, even more, emails to the same server in a short period of time will most likely get you blocked.

Being quick is important, but being the quickest doesn’t mean you are the best. Well, unless you are a professional athlete. Taking care of every single detail yourself can be overwhelming, that’s why we create solutions to do that for you. JungleMail will personalize and send your emails correctly, it will help you manage content templates, it will manage your subscribers’ lists, and it will also perform tracking and analytics tasks for you. In any case, good luck with your emails and JungleMail!

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