JungleMail Release History


The latest version is always available on the download page, and if upgrading, follow the upgrade instructions.

JungleMail (12 January 2024) New label

What’s new
  • Branding controls for Fonts, Colors, and Social block icons

JungleMail (31 October 2023) 

What’s new
  • Added new fonts

JungleMail (31 August 2023) 

  • Increased the Top Links statistic to 50

JungleMail (14 June 2023)

  • Implemented fix for subscription web part 

JungleMail (14 April 2023)

  • Implemented fix for subscription web part cache

JungleMail (23 November 2022)

  • Preselect the first linked list if available
  • Edit recipient view item link URL fix for custom forms

JungleMail (21 October 2022)

What’s new
  • Specify custom Newsletter report recipients per Newsletter
  • Possibility to edit JungleMail Site Collection level settings for non-Site Collection Administrators
  • WeekOfYear() function

JungleMail (13 October 2022)

What’s new
  • Configure a list of allowed Recipient SharePoint and AD Groups, Distribution lists per user
  • Support for SharePoint-based formulas for non-SharePoint List recipients
  • Removed HTML comments when saving to archive (Archive button issue)

JungleMail (13 April 2022)

What’s new
  • SharePoint Server Subscription Edition support
  • Template thumbnail generation for better visibility
  • Possibility to host images in the cloud for delivery speedup
  • Security improvements, reviewed code and protected against Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities.

JungleMail (30 July 2021)

  • Fixed an issue where links on buttons were not working on forwarded emails.

JungleMail (9 June 2021)

  • Resolving AD security groups from non-default AD domain.
  • Improved performance of “Unopened” and “Not clicked” logs in JungleMail analytics on large JungleMail SQL Storage databases

JungleMail (21 May 2021)

  • Added pagination to Analytics and History & Monitoring pages
  • Email subject is mandatory now
  • JavaScript libraries were optimized and updated to the most recent versions to improve Security.
  • Direct pasting of images into the text editor and other Email Builder improvements
  • Indeed social source.

JungleMail (29 September 2020)

  • Fixed Item Picker issue with SharePoint 2019 modern pages library.

JungleMail (30 June 2020)

  • Fixed an Outlook for Mac issue when embedded images with query strings (Image Renditions) were not showing.

JungleMail (23 April 2020)

  • Fixed not working repeater sending conditions when adding a saved section with saved repeater configuration.
  • Text block font style, size, color and HTML source is not editable when style editing is locked.
  • Added SubmittedBy and SendTime columns to Export to CSV analytics report.
  • Added Farm Administrator and Site Collection Administrator rights checks to admin and layout pages.

JungleMail (10 April 2020)

What’s new
  • Added “Sent” recipients option to Previous newsletter recipient source.
  • Newsletter status icon on Analysis & Reports page now displays correct newsletter outcome (succeeded, warning or failed).
  • Excluded failed emails from Unopened and Not Clicked email lists.
  • “Exclude by job” recipients filter now supports recipients with multiple email addresses.

JungleMail (27 March 2020)

  • Changed SMTP authentication procedure; PLAIN and LOGIN authentication methods now have priority over NTLM.
  • Fixed issue where pre-processing repeaters would cause sections with Section Visibility conditions to disappear.

JungleMail (20 March 2020)

What’s new
  • You can change the default blank template that is opened after clicking the Start from Scratch button or after navigating directly to the Content step (no template selected).
  • Remove Placeholders functionality now supports removal from newsletter subject.
  • Minor improvements in Drag & Drop Builder.
  • Fixed issue with attachments where users were not allowed to upload certain extensions.

JungleMail for Office 365 5.3 (2 April 2020)

What’s new
  • External user support
  • Comments block to be used with the Archive
  • Improved Archive validation

JungleMail (5 March 2020)

  • Fixed “double dot” issue that could appear on every 4096th byte/symbol of HTML email content (if it was a dot, it would be doubled, thus breaking link or image URL).

JungleMail (26 February 2020)

  • Saving templates now displays insufficient permission message for users with no permission to save templates.
  • Fixed Terms of Service Agreements (formely known as User Agreements) Valid from field value missmatch while saving or loading agreement form.

JungleMail (24 February 2020)

  • “Folder” term replaced with “tag” in UI (templates, images).

JungleMail (20 February 2020)

What’s new
  • Custom corporate terms of service agreements.
  • User activity auditing.
  • Data retention.

JungleMail (27 January 2020)

What’s new
  • Support for renditions of embedded images.
  • Out-of-office auto reply suppression
  • Users with no read access to the JungleMail Jobs list are prevented from using JungleMail.
  • Users with no write permission in the JungleMail Jobs list see UI notification, are prevented from sending test emails.
  • Minor fixes.

JungleMail (4 October 2019)

  • Added settings to hide and disable specific Dynamics 365 sections in UI (Dynamics 365 Connector).

JungleMail (4 September 2019)

  • Improved Dutch (Netherlands) (nl-NL) localization.

JungleMail (23 August 2019)

  • Added preview button for templates.
  • Updated localizations: JungleMail now uses English texts if the localized text is not found. Added missing texts and dummy languages.


JungleMail 7.2 (21 August 2019)

What’s new
  • Peak Hours feature: disable sending newsletters during specified hours;
  • Dynamics 365 Connector: send emails to Accounts, Leads and Contacts. Also supports Dynamics and Static Marketing Lists, Campaigns and Campaign Activities.


  • Improved UI;
    Improved email size calculation algorithm.


  • Fixed bug when job category has “&” (ampersand) symbol. 
  • Fixed newsletter ordering problem in Templates tab.
  • Fixed device breakdown calculation in Newsletter Analytics.

JungleMail 7.1 (16 July 2019)

What’s new
  • Image and email size controlling options;
  • Follow-Up on analytical data;
  • Template Lock (Enterprise feature).
  • Global settings and site collection settings pages were reorganized;
  • You can now enable/disable SMTP Encryption (StartTLS).

JungleMail (7 May 2019)

What’s new
  • Option to automatically remove unprocessed placeholders in email content before sending.

JungleMail 7.0 (29 April 2019) major release

What’s new
  • Template tab new features:
  • Layout templates;
  • Template folders, template grouping and filtering;
  • Option to load content from sent newsletters and drafts;
  • New drag-and-drop and Rich Text templates, option to install each template type separately.
  • Drag & Drop Builder new features:
  • Background image support (except Outlook);
  • Item Picker (selecting and processing individual SharePoint item data in newsletters);
  • Option to show or hide sections based on recipient properties;
  • Option to save sections for later use;
  • Image gallery folders, image grouping and filtering;
  • Newsletter Archive feature;
  • Analytics Anonymizer feature;
  • Email Signature feature;
  • UI text customization.
  • New look and feel;
  • Drag-and drop and Rich Text templates merged into one tab;
  • Section and block properties divided into property groups (content, style, and Dynamic Content);
  • Other improvements in Drag & Drop Builder (property menu, inherit style from body etc.);

JungleMail (18 April 2018)

  • Critical fix to JungleMail Analytics.

JungleMail (12 April 2018)

What’s new
  • Increased trackable links support up to 400 symbols length (from 255 symbols);
  • Added possibility to manually generate subscription URL for existing subscriber from workflow or other applications.

JungleMail (23 March 2018)

What’s new

Updated Tracker web part security for Other Site Collection mode. In Other Site Collection mode, a specified user should have the following minimum permissions:

  • Read permission on these lists: JungleMail Topics, JungleMail Jobs, JungleMail History, JungleMail Tracker Links;
  • ViewAdd and Edit permissions on the JungleMail Subscribers list;
  • View and Add permissions on the JungleMail Tracker Actions list;
  • Use Remote Interfaces and Open permissions set on site.

JungleMail 5.5 (15 March 2018)

What’s new
  • Added 3 new built-in builder templates;
  • Email Builder now auto-scrolls up-down when dragging blocks and sections;
  • Export Email Builder templates with template name;
  • Added JungleMail ribbon button for “Community” site template “Members” list;
  • Support for site-relative urls in dynamic content jobs and templates. By default JungleMail works with site-collection relative URLs. To switch to site-relative URL mode in dynamic content you should add ~site/ at the beginning of an URL.
  • Fixed Subscriptions Web Part shaking UI issue when editing template in IE;
  • Fixed Subscription Web Part workflow starting issue when subscriber items are always created by “System Account”.  In SharePoint workflows cannot be started on items created by “System Account”. To ensure that items will be created under the specified user use “Other Site Collection” Subscription Web Part mode;
  • Fixed Open Analytics button in Campaign Preview form – show this button depending on job status. Here was an error when trying to open analytics in queued campaign.

JungleMail 5.4 (10 January 2018)

What’s new
  • Custom image width;
  • Option to set image to full width on mobile;
  • Automatic image resize.

JungleMail (20 December 2017)

  • JungleMail Analytics SQL stored procedures querying timeout Increased to 60 seconds (resolving issue of JungleMail crashing when trying to open analytics with large sets of data present in SQL analytics tables);
  • Fixed import template rendering issue (styles not rendered after importing template).

JungleMail (19 December 2017)


Fixed recipients SharePoint List View exclusion filter (issue selecting View).

JungleMail 5.3 (1 December 2017)

What’s new
  • Template import/export;
  • Managed metadata support (Taxonomy field) in dynamic sections/blocks (repeater) conditions.
  • Improved campaign history performance;
  • Fixed “by view” recipients filter.

JungleMail (6 November 2017)

What’s new
  • Email builder: Added ability to add anchors and set links to anchors across the entire email, not just one HTML block;
  • Email builder: Trimming all user input text (titles, URLs);
  • Email builder: Displaying gallery image file size;
  • Email builder: Added gallery image upload file size limit (7 MB), improved file upload and error handling;
  • Email builder: HTML block can now inherit section background color.
  • JungleMail Tracker now supports leading and trailing whitespaces in URLs;
  • Email builder: Fixed formula options in the column picker.

JungleMail 5.2 (24 August 2017)

What’s new
  • New recipient’s source: Email addresses (direct pasting of email addresses lists from the Microsoft Excel);
  • Support for multiple From/Reply-to options with identical email addresses, but different sender names;
  • Custom email preheader in Body settings;
  • Campaign sending conditions based on dynamic sections and blocks;
  • Paragraph spacing configuration in Text block and Body settings;
  • 2 new placeholders available for any recipient type: {JungleMail Recipient Address}, {JungleMail Recipient Name};
  • More social media icons to the Social block (Instagram, Vimeo, Flickr and Yammer) *;
  • 3 new social media icon sets *;
  • Analysis & Reports: Grouping recurrent campaigns.
  • Formula samples in the Dynamic Placeholders dialog;
  • Names for dynamic sections and blocks;
  • Adjusting image dimensions when image is inside HTML which comes from SharePoint;
  • Analysis & Reports: Toggle between percentage and numbers;
  • Showing campaign preview even if there are errors in the Recipients or Content;
  • Performance improvements when resolving recipients from Dynamic Distribution Group;
  • Improved email rendering engine for better performance and stability; 
  • Fixed recipient resolving when using a SharePoint non-AD user as a Recipient (FBA or other authorization providers);
  • Changed image alignment to work correctly in Outlook;
  • Many other small fixes and improvements.

JungleMail 5.1 (1 March 2017)

What’s new
  • Waterfall mode makes email sending much faster for Enterprise Edition (multithreaded campaign processing);
  • Simultaneous campaign processing (Pro Edition: up to 2 campaigns, Enterprise Edition: up to 8 campaigns execution at the same time);
  • New SharePoint service architecture controls which servers can process campaigns;
  • Retry sending in case of SMTP error (configurable retry amount and delay between retries);
  • Sending priority settings (low, normal and high importance);
  • Campaigns and templates isolation for user groups (using folders with custom permissions);
  • Dynamic attachments;
  • Settings to enable or disable recipient sources;
  • Copy campaign action on History & Monitoring page;
  • Customizing Back To Site link (custom URL);
  • Image block background and inner background settings;
  • New 5 column section;
  • Proper() formula function to capitalize the first letter of words.
  • Site collection settings were reorganized and grouped;
  • Embedding images performance improvements (added cache);
  • Campaign approval status and approval buttons on History & Monitoring page (UI improvements);
  • New font (Calibri);
  • Text block editing space was increased;
  • Block properties buttons are closer;
  • A click on an active block doesn’t close it properties window;
  • Minimal height in text blocks for more convenient editing and disappearance prevention;
  • New Analysis & Reports page and Campaign Analytics page design (removed totals, new back and refresh buttons);
  • Campaign builder: “leave page” behavior was improved;
  • 3-state checkbox in Subscription Web Part (for two-level topics).
  • Email layout fix for Outlook when using custom DPI settings;
  • Fix for email addresses containing + symbol (JungleMail Subscription Web Part issue);
  • Fix for pasting image URL;
  • Image width and height attributes fix (when image is placed in a rich text).

JungleMail 5.0 (28 November 2016)

What’s new
  • New UI & New level of usability;
  • Drag & Drop email builder;
  • Templates created with the builder are responsive or mobile ready automatically;
  • Mobile Preview;
  • 2 level repeaters (Dynamic section & Dynamic block);
  • Content filtering by subscription preferences;
  • Image gallery;
  • Campaign types;
  • Enhanced Newsletter analytics;
  • Top links statistics;
  • Export to excel/csv;
  • Export to Word (customizable template);
  • Reading environment (Phone, Desktop, Tablet);
  • Click stream/Navigation path;
  • Opens & Clicks statistics by hour and weekday;
  • Analytical data preprocessing for UI performance;
  • Cumulative cross site collections reports;
  • Newsletter approval

Subscription topics are now managed via JungleMail Subscription topics list.

Repeater processing and filtering fixes.

JungleMail 4.7 (1 April 2016)

What’s new
  • Detailed link clicks preview in analytics when email campaign sent to AD groups (JungleMail Enterprise);
  • Partial download requests in link clicks tracking (JungleMail Pro and Enterprise).

JungleMail 4.6 (6 November 2015)

What’s new
  • RichText column support (RichText field will be inserted as html instead of plain text);
  • New function PlainText(RichTextColumnName) to convert RichText html to plain text;
  • ReadOnly columns in CKEditor Columns for mail merge.
  • Item ID placeholder formatting fix (If ID > 999, result will be without commas);
  • Repeater bug fix for calendar lists with expanded recurrence.

JungleMail 4.5 (10 September 2015)

What’s new
  • Rich Text editor Windows 10 Edge browser support;
  • Table resize.

JungleMail 4.4 (22 July 2015)

What’s new
  • Finnish language pack;
  • Expanded recurring events support in repeater (for Calendar lists).

JungleMail 4.3 (15 July 2015)

What’s new
  • Inclusion of direct links to items in repeater;
  • Inclusion of ID column tag in repeater;
  • Job complete dates for recurrent jobs.
  • Loading conditions in repeater condition editor;
  • Improved Follow up option validation.

JungleMail 4.2 (3 June 2015)

What’s new

Improved email sending and analysis performance for large recipient amounts (Enterprise feature).

JungleMail 4.1 (17 April 2015)

What’s new
  • New Repeater comparison method: in range of;
  • Full French, Dutch and German language packs;
  • Extensive performance logging (detailed report on time spent in every part of the sending process, like: resolving recipients, custom delay, processing repeaters, processing content, tracking and history SQL storage, and SMTP time (sending e-mails);
  • Subscriber list performance improvement.
  • Multiple AD Groups selection;
  • Recurrent jobs time.

JungleMail 4.0 (27 January 2015)

What’s new
  • New design Interface: usability and graphic improvements;
  • New recipients’ source: sending to SharePoint groups;
  • Specify SharePoint and AD groups as recipients directly from the interface;
  • Exclusion of recipients by email addresses existing in another list view;
  • Exclusion of recipients by email domain. E.g: *@spam.com;
  • New HTML editor and code tag highlighting;
  • Dynamic attachment;
  • E-mail Content Repeater;
  • Newsletter templates pack out of the box;
  • Run Workflow on contact list records after every email sent;
  • New recurrence intervals;
  • Group email statistics were extended and improved;
  • Subscription subtopics (Parent-child topic structure);
  • Email Job deletion support.
  • Tracker parameter bug fix;
  • Tracker Web part SQL Connection overflow.

JungleMail 3.4 (4 July 2014)

What’s new
  • Introduced JungleMail Enterprise edition;
  • Performance boost using JungleMail SQL Database Storage (Enterprise edition only).
  • Improved SMTP Authorization support;
  • Improved e-mail parsing reliability;
  • Improved BCS lists support;
  • Improved Linked Lists functionality;
  • Some design and user interface fixes.

JungleMail 3.3 (16 May 2014)

What’s new
  • Linked lists feature;
  • Internal and external user support in subscriptions web part;
  • Drag and drop attachments from windows explorer, for SharePoint 2013;
  • Improved template design management functionality.

JungleMail 3.2 (2 February 2014)

What’s new
  • Custom outbound SMTP server support, including custom authentication;
  • Possibility to include custom data request fields in the subscription web part;
  • Separate Manage Subscription and Unsubscribe links;
  • Separate appearance templates for subscription web part (Existing and new users, subscribe and unsubscribe, etc…) placed in one location;
  • Minimized web part settings and improved security;
  • Item resolving progress indicator;
  • Possibility to update templates directly from new Group E-mail window;
  • Updated email content editor;
  • Possibility to automatically send files to server when creating group e-mails.
  • Improved content and recipient loading;
  • Usability and interface text/terms fixes.

JungleMail 3.1 (13 January 2014)

What’s new
  • Subscriber Welcome email message. Can be sent automatically after subscription or it confirmation;
  • Subscription confirmation email with link to confirm subscription and email address;
  • Improved look and feel of Subscription management web part;
  • Safe subscription update via link sent by email.
  • Sending to Active Directory security group fixed;
  • Missing Web Part resource in SharePoint 2013 fixed.

JungleMail 3.0 (8 November 2013)

What’s new
  • Added subscribers management (Subscribers list, subscribers selection, filtering by topics);
  • Added subscription topics management (Topics list, topics grouping);
  • New Subscriptions Web Part (subscribe, unsubscribe, manage subscription, select topics functionality);
  • New Site Collection scope JungleMail settings;
  • Ability to override Central Administration settings on Site Collection.
  • Unsubscribe Web Part and Blacklist list are replaced with Subscription Web Part and Subscribers Management functionality;

  • Redesigned Site and Site Collection features and settings;
  • Tracking and Unsubscribe settings moved from Central Administration to Site Collection settings.

JungleMail 2.3 release (9 August 2013)

What’s new
  • Repeat a group email job daily with the possibility to choose a particular weekday;
  • Repeat a group email job until the set date;
  • Exclude recipients participating in recurring group email jobs;
  • Support of the “Link to Item” function;
  • Possibility to edit recurrent group email jobs.
  • Date control bug fixed;
  • Group email jobs exclude list filtering bug fixed.

JungleMail 2.2 (15 May 2013)

What’s new

Added External Tracker Web Part for public SharePoint farms which connects to JungleMail via Web Services.

  • Fixed Themable CSS files not working on multilanguage environment;
  • Ignoring special symbols in e-mail addresses (like zero-width space).

JungleMail 2.1 (22 April 2013)

What’s new
  • Active Directory user support;
  • Expanding SharePoint groups, Active Directory security and distribution groups;
  • “Remove duplicate e-mail addresses” option;
  • Filter recipients by multiple campaigns;
  • Sort and filter JungleMail templates by view in Templates Manager.
  • Support for placing Recipient List View Web Part on another site;
  • Improved tracker reliability and error handling.

JungleMail 2.0 (15 October 2012)

What’s new
  • All new look and feel;
  • Email exclude filter;
  • Template loading;
  • Custom “Test send” email address;
  • Customized “From” and “Reply to” fields;
  • Templates Manager;
  • History and Monitoring page;
  • Management of Scheduled and running group email jobs;
  • Drafts page;
  • Multilanguage support;
  • Reports & Analysis page. (Pro edition);
  • Fast Follow Up page. (Pro edition).

JungleMail 1.5 (2 August 2012)

What’s new
  • Unsubscribe function (Pro edition);
  • History of each email (Pro edition);
  • Link click and email opens tracking. Reports (Pro edition).

JungleMail 1.4 (11 July 2012)

What’s new
  • Customizing e-mail “Bcc” field (Pro edition);
  • Embedding images from SharePoint Library into e-mail body;
  • FirstWord() and LastWord() functions for e-mail body.
  • Support for placing Recipient List View Web Part on another site;
  • Failed recipients in JungleMail job report with “4.4.1 Connection time out” error from Exchange, when Exchange connection timeout is exceeded (SMTP connection is never closed to Exchange 2007/2010 server);
  • Alphabetical order of SharePoint List View dropdown list in JungleMail Job dialog.

JungleMail 1.3 (7 October 2011)

What’s new
  • Customizing e-mail “From” address;
  • Customizing e-mail “Reply-to” address;
  • Sending a copy of a report to specified recipients;
  • Sending a copy of an e-mail message to specified recipients;
  • Access to a Job Report (Recipients.csv) from Job View form.

JungleMail Timer Job Configuration is replaced with JungleMail Global Settings in Central Administration.

JungleMail 1.2 (27 September 2011)

What’s new

SharePoint lookup columns support.


Fixed installation of help content.

JungleMail 1.1 (6 June 2011)

What’s new
  • Scheduled e-mail sending;
  • Inserting SharePoint list columns into e-mail message body;
  • Added recipients list (Recipients.csv) to a Job Report message.

JungleMail 1.0 (3 May 2011)

The initial release of JungleMail.