Envision and create
with JungleMail 5

Send newsletters in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016 with JungleMail,
now featuring drag & drop builder, modern interface, and powerful newsletter automation.

SharePoint Newsletters Group Emails Solution

Reach a new level of simplicity
with drag and drop email builder

Create newsletters from scratch within minutes.

JungleMail 5 is the easiest way to create professional-looking,
mobile-ready newsletters in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016.

Drag and Drop Email Builder

Use Dynamic Sections and Blocks to retrieve data from SharePoint

Automate email body population. Generate user-specific emails.

Connect a template to your SharePoint lists or libraries to let JungleMail populate your newsletters according to view and condition filters set by you. JungleMail can even generate and send unique and user-specific content for each recipient.

Automate Email Body Population SharePoint

Emails that look good anywhere

JungleMail newsletters are fully responsive and mobile-ready.

With Live Preview feature, you can see what your email would look like on desktop and mobile devices.

Customize SharePoint Responsive Email Templates

All new and enhanced newsletter analytics

Monitor email opens, link clicks, devices, top links and Click Stream. Export results.

Check you email campaign performance without leaving SharePoint. See who opens your newsletters and clicks on the links in your group emails. Export campaign data to an CSV file or a customizable MS Word template.

SharePoint Email Opens

Track Email Opens

SharePoint Link Clicks

Link Clicks Report

SharePoint Email Unsubscribes

Manage Unsubscribes

Intelligent insights right at your fingertips

Pre-processed analytical data offers performance and speed.

Customize SharePoint Responsive Email Templates

JungleMail 5 features

Drag & drop builder

The super easy to use and powerful tool to create a newsletter from scratch in five to thirty minutes. No html, just your mouse.

Fully responsive email

Emails built with JungleMail Drag & Drop builder are fully responsive and will look good on desktops and mobile devices.

Dynamic sections & blocks

Automate your campaigns. Populate your emails with content from SharePoint lists, Blogs, Publishing or Wiki pages.

Various recipient sources

Send emails to SharePoint list recipients or subscribers, Active Directory security groups, distribution lists, SharePoint groups and users or even SQL databases via BCS lists.

Newsletter analytics

Keep track of all of your sent emails. Monitor link clicks, email opens, content interaction and on what device emails were opened. All analytics right at your fingertips.

Export analytical data

Export the analytical data of your campaigns into Excel or a customizable Word document. All email opens, clicks, subscribes, unsubscribes and much more in one place.

Email personalization

Add placeholders like [First Name] and make every email sent unique. No workflows or coding required. Mail merge data from all your SharePoint lists, Groups and more.

Send bulk email

JungleMail 5 is the most advanced mass email solution for SharePoint 2013 & 2016. It turns the sending of mass email campaigns into an easy and measurable activity. Send and improve.

Subscription options

Your recipients can subscribe to topics they are interested in and want to receive emails about. An easily customizable subscription web part is included with JungleMail 5.

Get JungleMail for:

Newsletters without effort

Automate your newsletter campaign in 3 steps.

Create SharePoint Email Templates

Create your group email templates

Use our new drag-and-drop builder to create a beautiful newsletter template. All you have to do is drag the elements you want to use in place.

Insert Dynamic Sections and Blocks

Insert Dynamic Sections and Blocks

Drag in Dynamic Sections and Blocks and link them to your SharePoint lists. JungleMail 5 will query the lists using the conditions you have set and will populate your email content automatically.

Schedule daily, weekly or monthly

Schedule your campaign to run daily, weekly or monthly. JungleMail 5 will process and send your future newsletters for you.

Two types of newsletter automation

Partly automated

How it works

Link your SharePoint 2013 or 2016 lists or libraries to your email template. Click on the Dynamic icon to populate your email with SharePoint content. Edit your newsletter if necessary and send.

Fully automated

How it works

Link your SharePoint 2013 or 2016 lists or libraries to your email template. Set the campaign to run recurrently at a frequency of your choice – and you're all done! Sit back and monitor the results.

JungleMail 5 can populate your emails with content from your SharePoint lists, blog sites, Publishing or Wiki pages and Calendars. Simply drag and drop Dynamic Blocks and Sections and link them to the SharePoint lists you want JungleMail to gather information from. Our add-in will then generate your newsletter content for you.

User-targeted newsletters

JungleMail 5 gathers and sends information 
for each individual recipient.

Not everyone needs to receive the same information. That is why you can use Dynamic Sections and Blocks to let JungleMail gather unique and personalized content for each recipient according to set filters or individual subscription preferences.

Customize SharePoint Responsive Email Templates

JungleMail 5 Enterprise edition

Even better performance. Workflow execution. Export to Word.
Reading devices. Click Streams. More analytical data.

Most detailed analytics

With our JungleMail Enterprise you can dive even deeper into your statistics. Monitor reading devices, navigation paths, average performance per week, performance at each point of the day, and filter results by date parameters and newsletter type.

Execute workflows

Control the frequency of your emails to particular recipients. Simply update your records while sending mass email campaigns by running a SharePoint workflow for each sent email.

Highest performance

Enterprise edition uses an SQL server to store tracking information and email history. That means faster sending, less load time on SharePoint, and a faster UI due to preprocessing of analytical data. Enterprise is highly recommended for campaigns with 5000+ recipients.

Send newsletters using your own code with JungleMail API.

No 3rd parties involved

JungleMail is your most secure newsletter solution yet.

SharePoint Internal Communication Tool

100% internal communication tool

Works inside of your local network and domain. No external web service calls or data storage.

SharePoint On-Premise SharePoint Newsletters

Build for SharePoint on-premises

Solution on top of your SharePoint. Natively works with SharePoint content, AD and metadata.

SharePoint Newsletter Security

SharePoint security applies

JungleMail security is based on SharePoint list, folder and item security model. Control user permissions.

SharePoint Newsletters Activity Tracking

User lists and activity tracking

Works with your existing SharePoint lists, users and groups, AD distribution lists and groups, and BCS.