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JungleMail Enterprise is built to cope with enterprise-level communication challenges.

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Waterfall Mode

Waterfall Mode is the overdrive for your newsletter campaigns. With preprocessing of analytical data, multithreading and the use of an SQL server to store email history and tracking information, Waterfall Mode gives you the best we can offer. It sends faster, boasts decreased loading times and offers you a complete and improved user experience.

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Analytics for professionals

Dive even deeper into your statistics. Monitor everything. From reading devices to navigation paths. From average performance per week to detailed performance at each point of the day. See which links get clicked most and even monitor the clickstream of your recipients. Filter all results by date parameters and newsletter type to get the most complete overview of all of your campaigns.

Reading Environment Report

Check on what devices your recipients open your emails (Phone/Desktop/Tablet).

Day of Week Report

Directly see which day of the week performs best to time your next newsletter.

Time of Day Report

Learn at what time your recipients open emails.

Campaign clickstream

Analyze the click paths that users take in the newsletter. Do they click on images more than buttons? How about links to video? Clickstream allows you to understand how your audience interacts with your emails.

2-Level Dynamic Content

Automate your campaigns even further. Link your Dynamic Blocks to a list in your SharePoint and JungleMail will recognize the categories within this list. For example, when you select your News Pages Library, JungleMail will see the categories within (Finances, Travel, Sports) and will add them to your email automatically.

Newsletter Approval

Approve any newsletter campaign before it is send. Once this feature is activated it enables the relevant people in your organisation to go over new campaigns to ensure they are error free. The moment a campaign is created they will receive a message proposing them to move forward with the campaign and press send.

Elegant Word reports

In Enterprise, not only can you export to Excel, but also to Word. Easily transfer the analytical data into a customizable Word document. JungleMail will aggregate your data and present it in graphs or circle diagrams – whichever suits your preferences.

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