JungleDocs Release History

The latest version is always available on the download page, and if upgrading follow the upgrade instructions.


JungleDocs (11 January 2024) New label

  • SVG image support for Picture Content Controls

JungleDocs (3 January 2024) 

  • SVG image support for Word Small Parts

JungleDocs (14 April 2023) 

  • Updated Aspose libraries to 22.5 version

JungleDocs (15 July 2022) 

What’s new
  • Now PowerPoint Small Parts support Excel charts 
  • Improved PowerPoint Small Parts slide notes

JungleDocs (12 July 2021) 

  • Fixed Word bookmarks issue when using InsertBookmark() function with InsertFiles() function.

JungleDocs (4 June 2021)

  • Fixed not working View / Edit link in Small Parts selection page.
  • Imroved the PDF conversion engine

JungleDocs (6 May 2020)

What’s new
  • Small Parts and InsertFiles() function now support “keepFormatting” option for merging documents.
  • Folders are now supported in “Execute Base Rule” and “Execute Report Rule” JungleDocs Workflow Actions.

JungleDocs (10 April 2020)

  • Improved documents generation performance with hyperlinks in placeholders.
  • Rules will be disabled and greyed out if there are errors in configuration.
  • Fixed an issue when creating a new Report rule with Default template.

JungleDocs (27 March 2020)

What’s new
  • Option to change order and (or) remove selected items before generating a report;
  • InsertFiles() function to insert Word documents into Word template;
  • Option to clear formatting for Small Parts placeholders;
  • Lookup performance improvements for faster document generation.

JungleDocs (29 January 2020)

  • Improved popup dialog auto-sizing
  • Fixed issue where Small Parts selection did not show up when creating documents from JavaScript API

JungleDocs (27 December 2019)

What’s new
  • Support for “Pie of Pie” and “Bar of Pie” Word charts

  • Implemented support for Word comments in Small Parts

JungleDocs (4 September 2019)

What’s new
  • Functions added to JavaScript API: ConvertToPDFUpdateDocumentContentUpdateSharePointItems and RemovePlaceholders.
  • “Remove Controls & Placeholders” command will delete content controls together with inner content if content control tag is “#RemovableContent#”.
  • Support for Managed Metadata columns in “Copy column values” and “Set column values” rule settings.
  • “Remove Controls & Placeholders” command won’t remove content controls having “Content control cannot be deleted” option checked.

JungleDocs (23 August 2019)

  • Added missing localized texts in English.
  • Added English resource files for unsupported languages.

JungleDocs (21 May 2019)

What’s new

SharePoint Server 2019 support.

JungleDocs (25 April 2019)

What’s new
  • Extended support for Managed Metadata column (ability to access alternate languages and additional metadata);
  • OrderBy() function;
  • Small Part sorting in Small Part library;
  • New rule: convert a document to PDF after creation (replacing original file);

Fix for Lookup column values containing semicolon “;” character.

JungleDocs (13 September 2018)

What’s new

“Required” and “Single” flags for Small Parts.

JungleDocs (10 September 2018)


Fixed Word document header/footer copy error in scenarios where Small Parts contained section breaks. Headers and footers are now correctly reused from document template according to Small Part placeholder.

JungleDocs (23 July 2018)

What’s new
  • TakeColumnsFromView() function – uses columns from a specified SharePoint view for automatic report table generation;
  • Replace() function – finds and replaces text;
  • Implemented placeholders for Excel headers and footers.
  • Modified If() function – added more parameters;
  • Support Calculated fields for GetView() and FindItems() functions;
  • Updated OpenXml library from 2.0 to 2.5 version.

Validate image type before putting image into the Word document.

JungleDocs (19 February 2018)

What’s new

JungleDocs (07 February 2018)

What’s new
  • Added folder support. JungleDocs will use current folder for saving new documents and items if you are on the target list;
  • Added JungleDocs ribbon button to the Tasks list.

Illegal character fix. JungleDocs will remove illegal system characters from text before putting it to Word documents.

JungleDocs (07 February 2018)

What’s new
  • CollectUniqueValues() function – collects unique field values from one or multiple recordsets;
  • Added support for footnotes and endnotes in Word Small Parts;
  • SmartArt with pictures is supported in Word Small Parts.

JavaScript API: Cancel button now closes popup when JungleDocs is started using EnovaSPJungleDocExecuteRule() function.

JungleDocs (6 December 2017)

What’s new
  • Embedding function: embed files into Word documents (embedded objects);
  • Support for images in Rich text content for Word: Supports images from SharePoint and other web resources without authentication;
  • Find items by URL: quickly find items using the function GetItemByURL(URL);
  • Folders are now supported for GetView() and FindItem() functions.

JungleDocs 3.9 (3 November 2017)

What’s new

FilterItems() function – filters items by comparing field values.

JungleDocs (28 July 2017)


Image column support in header and footer of a Word document.

JungleDocs 3.8 (31 January 2017)

What’s new

Update SharePoint items from document.

  • Fixed Small Parts library location link in UI;
  • Added Small Parts support to JavaScript API.

JungleDocs 3.7 (4 August 2016)

What’s new
  • SharePoint 2016 support;
  • GroupBy() function.
  • Added JungleDocs Workflow Activities for DE and NL SharePoint localized versions;
  • Adjusting Word document for conversion to PDF: PDF was displaying Lookup ID instead of Lookup value in Quick Parts.

JungleDocs 3.9 (3 November 2017)

What’s new
  • Additional, multiple GetView()FindItems() parameters;
  • HyperLink column support;
  • Default report template can now be easily changed for all lists (Site collection settings for JungleDocs).

JungleDocs 3.5 (22 July 2015)

What’s new

GetCalendarItems function – retrieves calendar items from expanded calendar views.

JungleDocs 3.4 (4 June 2015)

What’s new

Chart support in Small Parts, chart updating.

JungleDocs 3.3 release (30 April 2015)

What’s new
  • German language pack;
  • GetUniqueItems function;
  • DeleteControlIf() function;
  • Remove content control – document updatability option;
  • IfEmpty function update;
  • Product name was changed to JungleDocs.

JungleDocs 3.2 (27 June 2014)

What’s new
  • Building updatable Charts based on data from SharePoint;
  • New functions: Sum, Min, Max, Average, Median, Round, IfEmpty;
  • Matrix function for dynamic data grouping, aggregation and transformation;
  • Workflow Activities for SharePoint Designer: Create, Update, Report and Convert documents;
  • New .NET, JavaScript API and demo projects.

Convert to PDF – performance improvement.

JungleDocs 3.1 (13 May 2014)

What’s new
  • Built-in From Existing and Report rules;
  • Updating Microsoft Excel worksheets and tables with data from SharePoint;
  • Exporting SharePoint List View or Filtered items into Word documents;
  • Added “Get link code” function for JungleDocs rules.

User interface improvements.

JungleDocs 3.0 (25 March 2014)

What’s new
  • All new look and feel;
  • Report generation;
  • Document creation from scratch;
  • Document conversion to PDF.

JungleDocs 2.4 (22 January 2014)

What’s new
  • Microsoft Excel files support (creating Excel documents, editing templates, filling cells with content from SharePoint).
  • Improved large Word documents content filling performance.

Design fixes for SharePoint 2013 non-default themes.

JungleDocs 2.3 (10 October 2013)

What’s new
  • Filling Microsoft Word documents with rich text (HTML) from SharePoint Multiline Text Column;
  • Find Items function for Word Reports;
  • GetView function with dynamic filtering for Word Reports.

JungleDocs 2.2 (22 April 2013)

What’s new
  • PowerPoint presentation merging from Small parts;
  • PowerPoint presentation content filling.

Fixed themable CSS files not working on multi-language environment.

JungleDocs 2.1 (19 March 2013)

What’s new
  • Reverse Lookup support;
  • Automatic creation of target folder structure for new documents.

JungleDocs 2.0 (6 November 2012)

What’s new
  • Improved design;
  • Mail Merge function (creating multiple documents from multiple items);
  • Introducing JungleDocs .NET and JavaScript API;
  • Multi-language support.
  • Small Parts: Improved copying bullets and numbering styles;
  • Small Parts: Support for copying text with bullets and numbering;
  • Small Parts: Improved copying pictures with hyperlinks;
  • Small Parts: Copying broken pictures;
  • Microsoft Word document (Small parts) merging improvements;
  • Uploaded file name fix for Internet Explorer.

JungleDocs 1.3 (7 June 2012)

What’s new
  • Introducing JungleDocs Pro version;
  • Document Assembly: Creating Microsoft Word document using templates and merge content from other documents (Small parts) to one;
  • Small Part grouping;
  • Copying Microsoft Excel/Visio objects from source document to target;
  • Inserting pictures from SharePoint into Word documents.

JungleDocs Rule: added help texts and formula samples.

JungleDocs 1.3 (7 June 2012)

What’s new

Currency conversion to words: Euros with cents.

  • Installation of help content;
  • Editing JungleDocs Rule: Fixed text and formula sample;
  • Priorities of formula functions (get latest number function).

JungleDocs 1.1 (26 June 2011)

What’s new
  • Document auto-numbering;
  • Rich text field support;
  • Currency in words support: Lithuanian Litas and US Dollars, with cents;
  • Generation of Sample document from Edit rule dialog.

JungleDocs 1.0 (25 March 2011)

The initial release of JungleDocs.