Tools for SharePoint document automation

Smart mail merging, one-click reports, naming and storage automation, fast conversion – whatever your document management needs, JungleDocs is up to the task.

Generate documents

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Auto-fill documents

Document generation based on Open XML technology. Generate documents, items, document sets from documents, items, folders, document sets or from scratch.

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New from Existing

Generate new documents by reusing metadata and content from existing ones.

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Report generation

Generate Word/Excel reports and charts from SharePoint list data. Auto-apply functions and formulas.

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Dynamic Content

Auto-fill a document with data and images from SharePoint lists based on conditions, selected lookup list items, formulas etc.

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Small Parts

Assemble a new document from multiple Word or PowerPoint templates by clicking checkboxes.

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SharePoint query functions

Take advantage of functions such as GetView, FindItems, GroupItems, TakeColumnsFromView, OrderBy or Matrix.

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Automatically generate a custom and unique document name following your company file naming conventions.

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PDF conversion

Quickly convert multiple Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents to PDF files.

Simplify management

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Copy Source

Copy the original document content, metadata, and auto-apply settings from the associated JungleDocs rule.

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Update from item

Update SharePoint document based on changes in item metadata.

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Update from document

Update SharePoint item metadata based on changes in your document.

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Workflow integration

Create document generation workflows using SharePoint Designer.

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JungleDocs API

Generate documents from your own code.

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1-year support

Premium Support includes assistance by phone, email, video chat, access to minor and major releases, 8-hour response time.

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