JungleDocs Word Add-in

Even less time on you next document. Add, change and work with your SharePoint data in Word real-time. Ready to try? Please contact of for more information about product installation.
JungleDocs Word-addin interface of assets

Access Your Company Assets

Create new documents efficiently by accessing your company assets right within your Word application. Find and include required or commonly used part of information, image or shape.

Quickly Build Documents With Data from Your SharePoint

Access the main JungleDocs features right within your Word application. Define the lists/libraries that are available to execute JungleDocs rules from and generate invoices, contracts, reports and all kinds of other documents using data from your SharePoint.

JungleDocs Word-addin interface of building new documents
JungleDocs Word Add-in Features - Inserting Small Parts into the current document

Speed Up Your Document Creation Using Small Parts

Small Parts have become more flexible, you can now insert the required part of information directly in your Word document, or save a specific content into selected folder for later use.

Update Metadata Inside the Document Real-Time

Make changes to item/document metadata inside the document and update them back to SharePoint without closing the current document. You can update all items that were changed.

Update document metadata

Automate your SharePoint documents today.

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