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Note: this pricing applies to JungleDocs for SharePoint Online.  JungleDocs for SharePoint on-premises pricing can be found here.

Features Included

Document Generation

Modern UI

A convenient and mobile-friendly sidebar extension to generate and manage documents on the go.

New from Existing

Generate new documents by reusing metadata and content from existing ones.

Report generation

Generate Word/Excel reports and charts from SharePoint list data. Auto-apply functions and formulas.

Dynamic Content

Auto-fill a document with data and images from SharePoint lists based on conditions, selected list items, formulas etc.

Small Parts

Assemble a new document from multiple Word or PowerPoint templates by clicking checkboxes.


Automatically generate a custom and unique document name following your company file naming conventions.

Simplified document management

Power Automate integration

Automate document creation even further by adding triggers and action sequences.

Copy Source

Copy the original document content, metadata, and auto-apply settings from the associated JungleDocs rule.

Update from item

Update SharePoint document based on changes in item metadata..

PDF conversion

Quickly convert multiple Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents to PDF files.

JungleDocs API

Build document generation functionality into your own code.

1-year support

Premium Support includes assistance by phone, email, video chat, access to minor and major releases, 8-hour response time.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is Office 365 account which access JungleDocs. It is posible to manage user licenses and transfer a license to another user. You can also assign license automatically. 

Absolutelly, we’re happy to provide invoicing on our annual plans. Contact us to get a formal quote. You can order subscription with purchase order. The payment methods we accept includes Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Paypal. 

In addtion to annual discounts, we offer non-profits discount for charities and academical organizations for annual plans only. Please contact us to place an order if you comply. 

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. When downgrading or canceling your subscription, you will keep your current plan until the end of current subscription period.

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