Document automation for Office 365

Export SharePoint items to Word or Excel and generate better reports.

Assemble proposals, contracts, presentations and other documents in a few clicks.
Automate document naming and storage across your organization.
Merge documents, convert to PDF, create workflows and more.

Office 365 Document Automation

Modern UI for today's workspace

Create, update, merge and convert documents on the fly.

Access the main JungleDocs features in a convenient and mobile-friendly sidebar
without losing sight of your current SharePoint list or library.

Simplify document management

New features to handle daily office tasks with ease.

Pick documents as you navigate your SharePoint environment and merge them into a single file.
Update document content and properties in a few clicks.
Need a PDF, too? No problem.

Create rules to quickly update multiple properties, such as file path, file name, metadata and content itself.

Merge documents and save or download as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, PDF files or ZIP archives.

Mass-convert documents to PDF files and save to your current SharePoint library or download.

Visualize SharePoint data in Word reports

It's customizable, smart, and surprisingly easy.

Export SharePoint Online list views or selected items into Word reports, 
complete with charts, graphs, and more.

Export SharePoint list items to Word

Mail merge from Office 365 lists

Reduce time spent creating documents.

Spend less time copying information into new documents with the Smart Copy feature.
Take only what you need from existing documents or items and let JungleDocs for Office 365 fill in other properties for you.
Retrieve related content - items, metadata, images and rich text - and include into your documents automatically.

Mail Merge from Office 365 Lists to documents

Polished presentations in a few clicks

Let your data tell a story.

Quickly assemble PowerPoint slideshows by ticking the checkboxes of pre-made slides.

Automate PowerPoint presentation creation

Big documents from Small Parts

Discover a new way to use templates.

Save frequently used pieces of information as Small Parts.
Merge the Small Parts you need into a document by selecting checkboxes.
Assemble complex documents in seconds.

Assemble Word Documents From Multiple Files

Automate document naming and storage

Set your file naming conventions on autopilot.

Create rules to automatically name new documents, fill in metadata and move them to a folder determined by context (e.g., company name). Automated naming helps everyone in your organization find and understand documents faster.

Smart Document Management Automation

Power Automate integration

Create even more efficient document automation patterns.

Configure document automation to be triggered by actions or events in other applications.

Smart Document Management Automation

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