Quality and Information Security Policy

EnovaPoint is developing content automation features for on-premises and cloud versions of JungleDocs and JungleMail. All the changes are the result of synergy between company expertise and customers feedback. Having deep knowledge of the subject, we neither need nor want to copy others. Instead, we are passionate about developing truly innovative software to help you get things done faster and better. We are also big on simplicity, security, and responsibility to our customers.

Our Quality Policy 

It is defined and strongly driven by the following management principles and behaviors:

  • Build a mutually profitable relationship with our customers, ensuring their long-term success, through the understanding of their needs and the needs of their customers as well.
  • Achieve our commitments for quality.
  • Enhance the systematic research and use of best preventive practices at all levels and ensure reliable risk management.
  • Drive continual improvement and innovation based upon efficient business processes, ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 standards requirements, well-defined measurements, best practices, and customer surveys.
  • Develop staff competencies, creativity, empowerment and accountability through appropriate development programs.

Our Information Security Policy 

Principles are based on preventive actions to avoid an incident in an activity that could damage the company’s reputation and undertake to:

  • Ensure the protection of the organization’s information and information technology.
  • Ensure information security in line with operational requirements and relevant laws and regulations.
  • Achieve and maintain protection of the organization’s assets.
  • Avoid unauthorized physical access, loss and disruption to the organization’s operations and information.
  • Ensure that information security incident management is consistent and effective.
  • Avoid loss, damage, theft or defect of property and business interruptions.
  • Ensure accurate and secure operation of information processing tools.
  • Maintain the integrity and readiness of information and information processing tools.
  • Prevent unauthorized access to information stored in information systems.
  • Ensure that security is an integral part of information systems.
  • Supervise the information security system ensuring compliance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2013.
  • Periodically change passwords for existing information systems in the organization. 
  • Strive for continuous improvement of information security management.