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Product roadmap

Quickly learn what new features, and improvements we’re adding to
JungleMail 365 for our customers.

Here is what's happening

Simultaneous Editing of Templates

Work together on the same template in real time.

In progress

Anonymous Survey Responses

Collect survey responses and comments anonymously.

In progress

MS Teams integration

Send your newsletter content directly to MS Teams

In progress

Analytics Trends

Analytics trends for individual recipients and trends over a specific timeframe.


AI integration

AI Writer and AI Artist assistants will help users with suggestions, grammar corrections, and text or image-based content generation.


Inline Editing

Editing content directly inside the newsletter content window without any additional sidebars


Mobile Layout Builder

Adjust newsletter design and separate the content styling and display for Desktop and Mobile devices


Newsletter Polls & Surveys

The possiblity to include a poll or a survey in the newsletter. Results available in the newsletter analytics.


User Interface and User Experience update

And updated look and feel in JungleMail that makes the newsletter creation process faster and easier.

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