Frequently Asked Questions

What versions of SharePoint does our products currently support?

They currently support both Foundation and Server editions of SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013.

Is there a version of EnovaPoint products for Office 365 - SharePoint Online?

JungleMail is available for Office 365 and we are working to make the other solutions available for cloud platforms too.

Is there a way to evaluate an EnovaPoint product?

All products can be evaluated by downloading and installing a trial version. Trial versions are offered with no functionality limitations to make sure that users can thoroughly evaluate our solutions.

How can I download a trial version?

Go to the required product section of our site, click on Trial on the top menu and fill in the trial request form. Trial versions are available for 30 days and have unrestricted functionality through all of the trial period.

JungleDocs FAQ

JungleMail FAQ

JungleBell FAQ

What file formats are supported by JungleDocs?

JungleDocs can generate Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, also convert them to PDF. It can merge Word and PowerPoint files.

Can I use JungleMail to simultaneously email numerous SharePoint contact list members?

Yes, JungleMail allows you to send group emails to numerous selected items from your SharePoint list as well as to list views or entire SharePoint lists.

Is it difficult to configure an alert with JungleBell?

Not at all. Once you install it, select an item you want to be alerted on, click JungleBell button in the ribbon and follow the configuration steps in the interface. Our condition builder is intuitive, and JungleBell comes with everything that is needed to configure an alert. It is the simplest alert and reminder tool for SharePoint.

How do I create a new document with JungleDocs?

In order to create a new document in JungleDocs, you need to navigate to a SharePoint list or library, run JungleDocs from the ribbon and click on the desired JungleDocs rule that you previously configured.

Can I use JungleMail to send group emails to Active Directory groups?

Yes, JungleMail allows you to send group emails to Active Directory security and distribution groups. For more information on how to send emails to AD groups please see this guide.

Can I send alerts to recipients that are not SharePoint users?

Yes, you can specify any kind of recipients, they do not have to be SharePoint users.

How do I merge documents using JungleDocs?

You need to configure JungleDocs rule and your template for that. Documents that will be merged into your template need to be placed in “Small Parts” library of your choice. For more details refer to JungleDocs documentation or help videos.

The tracking function in JungleMail does not work. How do I solve that?

Make sure that you have configured the tracking function correctly and placed Tracker and Subscriptions web parts in separate pages. Please see the Subscription and Tracking Configuration Guide for more information. If the tracking function is configured properly, but does not work, contact us for assistance.

Can I customize my alert templates?

Yes, you can change everything from the layout to the content of the alert message. You can also personalize alert messages with content from your SharePoint.

Can I generate more than one document at once with JungleDocs?

Yes, you can generate multiple copies of the same document customized with different data, or create multiple differend documents using SharePoint designer JungeDocs workflow actions.

How do I change the ‘Reply To’ field in JungleMail?

In order to use a custom email address in the 'Reply To' field, you have to enter this address in the ‘JungleMail Reply-To Addresses’ list. You will then be able to select this address in the Reply To field of the ‘Send / Schedule’ window when sending a group email job.

How do I use JungleBell to remind me of approaching expiration and other dates?

You need to use “Item Exists” trigger and configure a condition using a date column. You can set up conditions to remind you on upcoming, current or past dates of your documents and items. You can refer to our documentation for more detailed instructions.

How do I convert documents to PDF?

You need to select the document you want to convert, click the dropdown of JungleDocs button in the ribbon and click Convert. You can convert multiple documents as well and automate conversion using SharePoint designer workflows.

Can i use JungleMail as an alerting tool?

Yes. You have to create a view that contains daily recipients in any list, and start a recurrent job, that sends emails to the recipients in that view.

I am receiving a lot of alert messages, how can I optimize this?

You can group alert messages. Once you include “Repeater” into the alert, enable alert combining and schedule alerts daily, for example, you will only receive one alert message with information from all alerts that occurred during the last period. You can refer to our documentation for more detailed instructions.

How do I configure document templates to be used with JungleDocs?

JungleDocs provides a sample document with generated placeholders for data coming from SharePoint. You need to copy those placeholders into your template.

Can I use information in my SharePoint to customize newsletters?

Yes, you can use SharePoint columns from the recipient list to mail merge and personalize emails, and use Repeater to gather content from multiple SharePoint lists and put it directly into the email body.

How do I disable an alert that I previously created?

JungleBell has an alert manager, which shows all available alerts, and you can modify, disable or delete them completely.