SharePoint Newsletter Archive

Archive newsletters in SharePoint Intranet to be reachable at any time. Encourage employees to engage with shared information by liking, commenting, and saving the content.

Archive newsletters automatically

You can choose to archive your newsletters in SharePoint Communication sites automatically every time you sent them. Newsletters will appear as new pages in your company’s intranet. Cumulate your assets in one place.

Strengthen employee engagement

Direct your employees from newsletter received in their email to communication site in your intranet. Employees can share they feedback and thoughts by liking, commenting, and saving newsletter to read later. Encourage discussions and employee engagement using the platform everybody is familiar with.

Reach anytime from anywhere

Archived newsletters in SharePoint Online can be reached by any employee who has access to the intranet at any time. The content can be reviewed multiple times and searched in the system. It’s an excellent benefit for new hires who want to learn more about the company and recent changes.

Automate your SharePoint newsletters today.

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