Dynamic Content

Mail merge data from your SharePoint lists, groups and other sources to auto-populate and fine-tune your message based on recipient profile and conditions. No coding skills required.

Autofill with SharePoint content

Dynamic Content creates an active link between your newsletter structure and metadata stored in SharePoint. Once you’ve specified a list and view for JungleMail to pull data from, you can add filters and conditions to limit the metadata that will be inserted into your email.

Personalize in one click

Engage users with personalized newsletters. Simply insert placeholders like {First Name} and watch the magic happen. No workflows or coding required. 

Content Targeting

Make it easy for your employees to subscribe to topics of interest and receive newsletters that they will actually want to read.

Retrieve and send unique content for every recipient. It can be an employee or department related content, content based on recipient preferences.

Section Visibility

Personalize your newsletter template by adding conditions that control whether a particular section will be shown to the recipient. Since conditions are based on recipient metadata, there are countless ways to fine-tune newsletter content. For example, you can make a section only visible to recipients in a selected department, country, or to subscribers of a particular topic.

Automate your SharePoint newsletters today.

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