“We wanted to be able to rollout templates across our extensive Office 365 and SharePoint based document management system and do this with a system that was simple to administer for large numbers of files.” Justine Cormack Group Information Services Manager.

Beca is one of Asia Pacific’s largest independent advisory, design and engineering consultancies with more than 3,300 employees in 21 offices around the world.

In early 2019, Beca started to use Microsoft’s SharePoint Online and Office 365 tools as its new document management system. In sourcing a compatible template management system, Beca’s Information Management Team looked for a product that integrated well with SharePoint Online, enabled documents to be tagged when they were created and provided a centralised template management system.

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Beca wanted to have a system that was easy to use, a light touch template option that didn’t need to be installed on every computer. A modern appearance and using limited screen real estate were two other requirements. Beca needed a template management tool which was intuitive for our users and which improved their efficiencies when creating new documents. Beca’s team found EnovaPoint’s JungleDocs. Reference sites gave exceptional reviews of JungleDocs and of EnovaPoint, in particular, their support and communication. At that time, JungleDocs only worked with SharePoint if it was installed locally on company servers. When Justine Cormack and her team started talking with EnovaPoint, the company was at the start of developing JungleDocs 365 to work for SharePoint Online in the Microsoft Cloud. Beca was one of the first customers to use the new version.

“Andrew from EnovaPoint and his team were extremely responsive during our implementation. They accommodated enhancements or adjustments to the software where appropriate, to ensure we were able to deliver a great experience to our users. They listened to any issues and provided timely support and advice. On the rare occasion we encountered a bug, it was fixed within hours. I have every confidence in the future direction of EnovaPoint products as they are heavily focused on keeping up to date with O365 as the platform develops.” Andy Jones, Senior Software Developer.

Beca’s Information Management Team found EnovaPoint’s team helpful and collaborative during the entire process of rolling out a new template solution. Beca’s many consulting engineers produce technical specifications. Using their legacy document management system and the library of templates within it, this process could take up to two days.

With JungleDocs 365 and its functionality to add/remove small parts, these same engineers could easily and quickly formulate large documents including technical specifications. In some cases, this time was reduced from days to just minutes.

JungleDocs365 has also enabled Beca to centrally manage their templates for technical documentation and assign ownership to the relevant part of the business to keep them up to date and manage quality/compliance.

JungleDocs365 has given Beca the opportunity to reduce the number of their templates and make the right template easier to find. It’s easy to use and doesn’t interrupt a user’s workflow when a document is being created.

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