Updated junglemail email builder interface

UI/UX Update of JungleMail 365

We’ve been working on improving JungleMail UI and, most importantly, usability to make newsletter sending a smoother experience. Learn more about UI/UX update of JungleMail 365.

With this update, we kept in mind that our customers’ internal communications and newsletter creation processes should be seamless, more logical, and faster.

That’s why we made significant changes to JungleMail ‘Recipients’, ‘Content’, and ‘Settings/Send’ steps, saving you more time, protecting a newsletter from mistakes, and offering creative ways to communicate with your employees.

During the improvement process, with a lot of back and forward, multiple design versions, test drives, and fine-tuning to perfection, we can now say – the updated version is damn good. And we invite you, our customer, to feel it and share your opinion. So, here is the list of UI/UX update of JungleMail 365. 

  1. More consistent design and improved usability
  2. Quick fill actions to save you time
  3. Updated Drag-and-Drop builder
  4. New engaging survey templates
  5. Enhanced newsletter error tracking
  6. Test newsletter status
  7. Updated SharePoint newsletter archive settings


More consistent design and improved usability

Our primary focus when implementing the update was to make the tool’s usability smoother. We improved the ‘Recipients’, ‘Content’, and ‘Settings/send’ pages and slightly changed the design of the ‘Preview’ step. The ‘Templates’ step wasn’t touched for now, and changes are planned in later updates.

We started with the recipients’ step and brought the subject and preview text (preheader) fields into the light by creating some similarities with Outlook. All important parameters are in one place now for convenience and better newsletter quality.

Moreover, we grouped the fields to improve visual appearance. Therefore, the page differentiates the titles, sender, and recipients’ inputs.

We kept in mind all aspects for more coherency. Even the colors of recipients’ summary calculations were aligned by their role in the equation.

We updated the Drag-and-Drop builder and new features the new menu panel (we’ll cover more on this change later in the article). In addition, the ‘Settings/Send’ page was reorganized to have a clear view of all the settings of the newsletter you’re about to send.

JungleMail email builder - recipient step

Quick fill actions to save you time

We’re excited to introduce the quick actions; this feature allows filling ‘Recipients’ page information from the previous newsletters or drafts in a second. The intention behind this feature is not only to speed up the process but also to make your newsletters high-performing. Quick actions show which newsletters subjects were performing the best; the feature displays open rates next to the last newsletters sent.

In addition to the full page scope quick fill action, you can choose a field scope quick fill action; the quick actions feature applies to subject and preview text (preheader) boxes. You can fill in texts from title/subject lines, placeholders, formulas, and dynamic values, such as a date or month of a newsletter.

JungleMail quick action feature

Updated Drag-and-Drop builder

The newsletter builder interface revamp is the most significant update. We changed the Drag-and-Drop builder navigation to a sidebar menu. It allows smoother navigation between blocks and sections and better accessibility to saved sections and surveys.

The display of all the newsletter elements in the builder is now more more intuitive, letting you find needed items quickly. Additionally, the image gallery is now available from the sidebar menu, and you can drag and drop images directly from there into the newsletter.

We deprecated the ‘Subtitle’ block to decrease the number of text blocks in the Drag-and-Drop builder. We recommend using the ‘Title’ block instead of ‘Subtitle’ as style and other settings can be easily modified. The ‘Subtitle’ blocks used in previous newsletters, templates, and sections will remain unchanged.

We categorized saved sections in the Drag-and-Drop builder into regular sections, surveys, and dynamic sections. Besides, you can group sections into section collections. Saving multiple sections together is especially useful for image-based surveys.

Our goal was to make the technical part of newsletter building clearer so you can shift your focus towards what matters – the content and the engagement of your employees.

New JungleMail drag and drop builder

New engaging survey templates

For the first time, we introduce built-in survey templates. We’ve prepared multiple options with different engaging questions and answers ready to be sent to your employees immediately. All you need to do is to choose the template you like, drag, and drop it to your layout, add additional details (not necessarily), send it, and check the answers in your analytics.

We hope that built-in survey templates inspire you to get creative with your internal communication and find new ways to engage employees by deploying the tools you already use.

Note: Enterprise plan subscribers can expect to receive new built-in survey templates constantly.

UI/UX Update of JungleMail 365

Enhanced newsletter error tracking

We’ve overhauled our newsletter auditing interface to provide more clarity for newsletter authors. In the preview and sending settings, you’ll get a list of potential issues and errors that prevent you from sending or scheduling the newsletter. Quick action links navigate you directly to the source of the problem and allow you to fix it immediately.

We seek that our tool would help you send high quality newsletters. Thus, we improved error tracking to ensure your newsletter configuration is correct and the process of sending the newsletter is faster as the system indicates exact spots to go back to fix the issue.

UI/UX Update of JungleMail 365

Test newsletter status

In the ‘Settings/Send’ tab, you can choose to mark your newsletter as a test. Then, on the ‘Analytics’ page, you’ll have an option to hide all the sent newsletters marked as tests. With one click, you can filter newsletters to see the ones sent to your recipient groups. Get only the relevant data and reports to download fast.

UI/UX Update of JungleMail 365

Updated SharePoint newsletter archive settings

Users didn’t have much control of SharePoint newsletter archive settings. Now, we’ve introduced the options to add the title and description of your newsletter. Therefore, these settings allow making custom names and descriptions to have a clear name in the SharePoint archive allowing to find a newsletter easier.

Now users can choose if they want to save sections into the SharePoint newsletter archive. Updated settings increase the security of sensitive information, enabling you to save a newsletter archive without a specific section(s).

UI/UX Update of JungleMail 365

When the changes will happen?

The update will begin rolling out in mid-August and is expected to be complete by mid-September.

How will this affect me?

If you’re a JungleMail 365 customer you’ll see these changes automatically when they’re implemented. You don’t need to take any action.

If you’re a new user, start using JungleMail 365 today by clicking here.

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