The Recipe of Employee Engagement

The Recipe of Employee Engagement

It’s proven that engaged employees drive business success. Effective internal communication boosts employee engagement.

Employee engagement is incredibly essential to each company. There is a proven cost if employees aren’t engaged at their workplace. According to Forbes, disengaged employees cost up to $550 billion a year for U.S. companies. How to avoid disengaged employees and increase employee engagement? The answer hides in effective communication, which leads to a two-way connection. Essentially, employee engagement is based on two-way communication.

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Two-way communication undoubtedly brings multiple benefits to a workplace. The problem is that, usually, corporate communication consists of a one-way connection. The way messages are shared only to provide information without any dialogue. However, many companies overlook the importance of two-way connections with employees. It has significant consequences on employee engagement, therefore it impacts company results.

Dialogue with employees builds two-way communication in the workplace. In this continuous process, successful methods and tools are in particular vital. On the other hand, it can be tricky to navigate creating and practicing two-way communication. Thus, we’ve mixed a recipe for employee engagement. Here you’ll find what ingredients it takes to master two-way communication and how to make it effective using the sources you already have.


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We’ve prepared the articles with valuable tips, steps, and authentic newsletter as well as survey examples to lead your two-way communication. In the recipe of employee engagement, you’ll find:

1. Importance of Two-way Communication in the Workplace

Firstly, we’ve started with the questions about two-way communication and what it means in the workplace. It has many benefits:

  • Building trust between the employees
  • Improved job satisfaction
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Greater job productivity
  • Better teamwork and collaboration

There are different channels to conduct two-way communication and essential steps to make when creating it. Learn what should be your next step in moving towards two-way communication in the article.

2. Building Two-way Communication with Company Newsletters

Secondly in this article, we focused on content and communication. The king and the queen. We shared ten newsletter template ideas to make employee emails engaging and worth reading. In internal communications is vital to know your strategy and plan your newsletters. For this reason, we indicated four steps to take in building two-way communication with company newsletters.

3. Creating and Measuring Effective Employee Newsletters

Employee newsletters are an undoubtedly effective two-way communication platform. How to make newsletters successful, and how to measure their success? We discussed newsletter features, design, value, information, storytelling, and employee feedback – all that certainly matters in effective communication with internal newsletters.

4. Employee Email Survey Templates Ideas

Two-way communication is a way to hear the voices of your employees. For instance, embedded surveys help to enable feedback in a fun and engaging format. In addition, surveys save time, are easy to answer, moreover, show real-time results. We recently introduced ten different survey types and presented seven built-in employee survey templates in the article.

Our most important mission is to boost your internal communication with practical information template ideas you can use to build solid two-way communication. Find inspiration to make your content engaging and employee emails high-performing.

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