SPTechCon photos and recap

SPTechCon Boston 2014: Photos & Recap

After visiting Las Vegas, Barcelona, and even London, all because of SharePoint, last month we got the chance to go to the wonderful city of Boston and attend another SharePoint conference. The SharePoint Technology Conference – SPTechCon Boston. Our stay in Boston was short, only 2 days, but we can definitely say it was one of the most productive and surprising conferences we had attended. Let me guide you through some of the highlights, and you will understand what I mean.

The SPTechCon Boston this year was held on September 17-19 and divided into two places. The Boston Park Plaza Hotel for the sessions and keynote speeches. The Castle at Boston Park Plaza, right across the street, for the Venue. When I read the name of the place I didn’t think it was actually a Castle. But for my surpeise it was and a really cool one!

The inside of the place was as surprising as the outside. We were pleased with our booth location, the amount of attendees’ traffic we were receiving and the good infrastructure of the place. Also, we even loved the amazing classic looking brick walls! Like I said, we liked it all. Our booth was also next to the book-signing table, where some of SharePoint bests, like Benjamin Niaulin, Eric Overfield, Jennifer Mason, Laura Rogers, Amanda Perran, and others, were signing their publications. That place was BUSY!

EnovaPoint stand in SPTechCon photo

I should also mention that we drew a GoPro Camera for one of the attendees that visited our booth. And we had an awesome winner: Julia Rouhi. Hope you are enjoying your present!

SPTechCon photo


Overall, we had a really nice experience that brought amazing memories and very good results not only for me but for our company. We want to thank all the SPTechCon crew and staff for the great service. Of course, all the attendees for visiting our booth and taking some time to chat with our team.