SharePoint connect conference photos and recap

SharePoint Connect 2014: Photos & Recap

It was our third trip to Amsterdam in three years, and our expectations could not be more exceeded. Maybe they could if the weather was warmer and sunnier :). Overall, SharePoint Connect 2014 was a wonderful conference to be part of.

The SharePoint Connect Amsterdam 2014 was held on November 18-19 at the Meervaart Theatre.

Our booth was located in a really cool and handy spot. The first booth you would see when you enter the conference room was ours! We thought it would be a busy spot, but we had NO idea how much. Everyone, from attendees arriving at the conference, going upstairs to the sessions, watching a magic trick, getting a refreshment or a snack, would pass by us. Of course, our team appreciated it considering the number of good conversations we started there. If I made you curious about the conference, take a look at some pictures we took there:

enovapoint at the conference

One of the points that contributed the most to our experience to be as positive as it was, was the gentle and very interesting public we met (mostly DUTCH, to be honest). The amount of new information we get by attending these SharePoint conferences is amazing. And I am not only talking about business content but cultural and historically related as well. We would like to thank everyone we met and that took some time to know us and our business solutions during the SharePoint Connect 2014. Here are the pictures of these special people we encountered there:

SharePoint Connect 2014

SharePoint Connect 2014

And the last people I want to mention in this blog post are the organization crew. Nigel and Irene were so nice and helpful to us, considerate of our best interests and respectful to us as sponsors. Thank you for all the hard work and care. And also, during the conference, we had some problems with our booth’s lights, that burned out because of voltage differences, and organization team replaced it almost immediately! You are awesome!

SharePoint Connect 2014