Release of JungleMail Newsletters for Office 365

JungleMail Newsletter for Office 365 is now available from the Office Store and on our website. The free trial of our product (no credit card required!) is a fully-functional time-limited version of JungleMail Newsletter for Office 365 which will allow you to send up to 1,000 emails for the duration of the trial.

Download on the Office Store

See a quick overview of the product below, give it a try and send us your feedback - we're constantly looking for ways of improving our app!

PS: We are currently working on the dynamic email content feature & support for Distribution & AD security groups to be released fall 2015, subscribe to our newsletter if you want to be kept up to date.

JungleMail Newsletter for Office 365

Our SharePoint Online bulk email solution will help you generate, customize, and send personalized group emails to any SharePoint recipients list in 5 easy steps.

1. Run JungleMail 365

JungleMail 365: Run JungleMail 365 app

Run JungleMail 365 - located in the ribbon - on an entire SharePoint recipient list, a particular view, or on selected recipients.

2. Review and modify the Recipients tab

JungleMail 365: Recipients

Here you can choose who you wish to send to: either use your selected recipients, filter the list by a View, or use the whole list. You can also add any additional recipients to receive a copy of the email (i.e. yourself to keep the record, or to anyone else who would like to be informed of the content and time of any campaigns which are sent).

3. Review and modify the Email Content

JungleMail 365: Create Email Content

Here you have the possibility to create your group email using plain text, HTML, or by selecting any of the pre-designed templates (see Templates gallery tab). You can place placeholders into your email body to dynamically insert data from your selected list (placeholders tab), use images from your image library tab to use in your campaign (drag & drop or upload files you need to be saved here for future use).

4. Preview

JungleMail 365: Preview emails before sending

Make sure you're happy with the end result.

5. Send/Schedule

JungleMail 365: Send & Schedule

Here you can select present or future dates for the bulk emails to be sent - schedule multiple campaigns in advance to be released only when it’s time. Enable JungleMail tracking functionality to get real time statistics and a visual timeline showing a grouped view of days when recipients open, click or unsubscribe to your emails by date and decide best dates to send emails on, see which content is getting the most attention & which email subjects work the best.

EnovaPoint Team Felipe Zagonel


SharePoint Newsletter and Group E-mail Tool for Office 365