Release Notes JungleMail 5.2

It's time for another product update and release notes! JungleMail 5.2 is an important release for us because we finally were able to release the most requested feature we had lately: "Sending Conditions" to control when or not an individual email gets sent based on its content. And it's all automatic. Let's get to it, and so much more.

New Features


Email addresses Recipients Source

The point of using JungleMail for SharePoint is to use recipients from your SharePoint environment to build newsletter campaigns. But what about those times you wanna use recipients from an Excel sheet without having to import them to SharePoint? Now you can do it using the "Email addresses" filed in the Recipients step of building a newsletter campaign.

Copy the recipients' email addresses and their names (if needed) from your Excel sheet, select "email addresses" at JungleMail's interface and paste it all to the referred filed. Check if all recipients got validated at the bottom of the screen and continue the email building process.

Recipients Excel Sheet

Recipients: Email Addresses

The reason you include the recipient's name when pasting the data to the JungleMail interface it's to use it for mail merge purposes. Click on the "Column" buttons and select "JungleMail Recipient Address".

Email Builder

Email Preheader

We wanted to provide an extra tool for users to improve their newsletter opening rates and readability. So we added an extra space for you to customize the information your users see when receiving your emails. Choose the message title, and now add a preheader as a small description of what's to come when the message is opened.

Email Title Preheader

Use a sales pitch or even a summary of the email's content. Make it easy for the users to know what the message is about. You are trying to convince your recipients to actually open your emails. And who doesn’t want that?!

Sending Conditions

This is the feature most of our users requested: a way to control when an email is sent, or not, based on met, or not, conditions. So if a session of your message is empty, for example, because there was no information to be mail merged from your SharePoint environment, the sending process of that message can be skipped. Or, if JungleMail finds content in another session of your email, the message can be skipped as well. You choose what information needs to be sent or not. Create your templates, automate the sending process, and prevent "old" news to be delivered with sending conditions.

Email Sending Conditions

Paragraph Spacing

We added a paragraph spacing configuration to the Text block and Body settings.

Paragraph Spacing

Social Media Icons

We've redesigned the social media icons, added 3 new sets of styles, and also included Instagram, Vimeo, Flickr and Yammer icons.

Social Media Icons

* Please Note:

In order to fully utilize the new icon sets available in 5.2 please delete the old icons:

Step1 - Delete Social folder from JungleMail Assets library

  • Navigate to site collection root -> Open Site Contents -> locate and open JungleMail Assets library -> Open Built-in Email Builder Blocks Images -> Delete Social folder.

Step 2 - Reactivate JungleMail Core Site Collection feature

  • Open site collection settings -> Deactivate JungleMail Core feature ->Activate JungleMail Core feature.


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