JungleMail 365 2017 July Update Release Notes

We are always envisioning new ways in which we can make our newsletter tool for Office 365 look and work better. Below you will find all of the updates that are available in JungleMail 365 from today. Make sure to update your app or get a free trial and start using the new features!

New Features

Multiple Sending Accounts

Authorize several Office 365 Outlook Accounts to work directly with JungleMail 365. Use multiple of your Office 365 Outlook accounts as From and Reply to addresses of your future Office 365 newsletter campaigns.

Multiple Sending Accounts

Tree: Shortcuts Menu

A Tree icon will now show in the lower JungleMail 365 menu. By clicking on this Tree you can access some helpful information like your previously sent newsletter campaigns and drafts. It's one more attempt to make our solution even easier to use and save you time building your campaigns. We have great plans for this feature, so stay tuned for further details on next releases.

Tree: Shortcuts Menu

Sending Conditions

Sending conditions give you more control over the exact time your automatic Office 365 email campaigns will be sent. If certain conditions set by you aren't met, the campaign won't send. A great way to control your emails will only deliver new and original content.

Sending conditions

For example: We created a template using 2 dynamic sections to pull information from 2 different Office 365 content lists: "Pages" and "Events". Then we edited the sending conditions to state that the campaign will not be sent if one OR the other section IS EMPTY. So if we have missing results on either the "Pages" or "Events" sections the emails will not be fired. Cool right?

Preheader Text

Easily add a preheader to your emails to make sure your campaign receives more opens. A preheader is the small preview text that a user sees below the email title before opening the message in his or her inbox.


Make sure the preheader is informative, complements the email title, and summaries the message the email is bringing. You are trying to convince your recipients to actually open your emails. And who doesn’t want that?!

Using email addresses as recipients

You can now directly insert email addresses as recipients for your new campaigns. An easy way to copy paste addresses and use them in JungleMail 365. 


Scrolling in Campaign Builder

An issue when trying to scroll down when the cursor was hovering over the text block in the Campaign Builder is now fixed.

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EnovaPoint Team Felipe Zagonel


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