Proudly introducing JungleMail 5 - SharePoint Newsletter Tool

It is finally here. We are the first to admit it took longer than expected. But this delay has its upside too: We built a tool that is better than ever! Now introducing the latest and best version of our newsletter tool for SharePoint:

JungleMail 5 - SharePoint Newsletter Tool

5.000 hours of work

Now you might ask: Why did this release take longer than expected?

Each release of JungleMail has been a big step forward. But with JungleMail 5 we did a little more. We reimagined and redesigned the entire tool. It does not only look much better, it is now also easier, faster and more extensive than ever.

We spend more than 5.000 hours brainstorming, building, improving and then improving again. It took many caffeine-fueled days and late evenings powered by pizza, but we can now present a SharePoint tool that we stand 100% behind. A tool we are proud of.

What is new in JungleMail 5

JungleMail 5 is defined by a number of new key features, as well as some features that seasoned JungleMail users will be well acquainted with, and are now even better.

Drag & Drop Builder

The game changing feature in JungleMail 5 is its brand new drag-and-drop email builder. With it, anyone can create beautiful emails. Drag and drop blocks, sections, images, and texts straight into your email template. Knowledge of HTML is no longer required. All you need is your mouse.

Fully Responsive

Phones and tablets are used more than ever. That is why all emails you build in JungleMail 5 are fully responsive. This means they will look good on whatever device they are opened. You can even manage your campaigns on the go, right from your own tablet or phone.

Advanced Analytics

We gave a boost to the tools that help you measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. Find all your email analytics in JungleMail’s revamped dashboard. Monitor link clicks, email opens, content interaction and even track on what device emails were opened.

Entirely Redesigned

JungleMail 5 feels, looks and works better than ever. We listened to you, our users, and reimagined our entire user interface. We believe it is something you have to see and use, and then you will love it.

More Advanced Newsletter Automation

Seasoned JungleMail users are well acquainted with our Newsletter Automation. This feature has helped people save tons of time in the past, and now it will help you save even more! Even though we expanded the tool, it is now easier to use than ever. Simply drag in Dynamic Sections and Blocks and link them to your SharePoint lists. JungleMail 5 will then query these lists using view filtering and additional conditions to populate your email. Schedule your campaign to send out daily, weekly or monthly. JungleMail 5 will process your future email campaigns for you. Sit back and monitor the results.

Check our new web page for more information, a complete list of JungleMail 5 features, and download your 30 Day Free Trial version.

Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions related to JungleMail 5. We would love to hear from you.

EnovaPoint Team by David van Roon


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