How to Have the Images in your Sent Emails Load Automatically?

Imagine this: you design an amazing promotional newsletter to send to your customers presenting them your just released products. You fill the email with some very professional photos and pictures. The message looks great and you are sure that will do wonders for your sales. You send the campaign. The messages are delivered. Your customers open the email, and... no images are displayed!

Most of us have been through that situation opening apparently "empty" or misconfigured emails. The reason those images are not initially loaded most of the time? Our mailboxes are trying to keep our email communication secure, restricting access to automatic download. First, the recipient will have to click a button to download the images.

Newsletter Display Images

Even though the downloading of images security is a standard for email security, there is a way to avoid this requirement for downloading images and have the images load automatically.

Before we get into how you can have the images in your sent campaigns load automatically, let's just quickly refresh why this feature is not only about security but can also help you track email opens.

How tracking works for Email Opens

There is one simple and effective way for email tracking that everyone sending mass email campaigns uses. In the communications that you send through providers like MailChimp, GetResponse, MailerLite, or our own JungleMail, a small invisible graphic is inserted in the bottom of the HTML body of your emails. This way of tracking is frequently referred to as "Web Beacon tracking".

This tracker graphic is unique per email, recipient, and campaign. When someone opens the email and views the images within it, the graphics are downloaded from the service, triggering the individual tracking mechanisms and registering this as an email open on your campaign report.

Automated replies, such as out-of-office messages, generally do not download this graphic (so they shouldn't count as opens.)

How to have the images in your sent campaigns load automatically

If you are sending emails inside of your organization you could add the JungleMail From address/domain to a Safe Senders list for everyone working in your company. This will enable the automatic downloading of images for the domain you specified.

The way to do this for your entire company is by using the Group Policy Management Console.

Microsoft has a good tutorial in which they explain how you can achieve this. You can find the detailed instructions for doing this on Microsoft's tutorial website.

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