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It’s not a secret for anyone that, for the last couple of years, customers are expecting, and even demanding a closer relationship with organizations throughout the complete buying process. They are searching for faster communication, more personal and intimate treatment, as alternatives to develop their levels of trust and reliability with a Brand’s service. This attitude is understandable, especially if we consider the amount of information available on the market, and the difficulty to consistently evaluate its quality during a purchasing decision. A great number of risk variables involved can be minimized or even eradicated with a simple closer communication with the product supplier.

That’s why Event Marketing is such an important part of modern Marketing Strategy Plans. Attending Conferences and Business Exhibits has become an extremely effective way for organizations to personally meet prospective buyers and improve in-person engagement. It is using the power of face-to-face communication to instantly solve client’s unique doubts through live product experimenting and testing. It’s good for the company when it creates opportunities to learn more about the market and their client’s needs. And it’s even better for customers when it offers a place to start a trustworthy business relationship.

EnovaPoint is aware of this point and is focusing a lot of efforts to be present in as many SharePoint Conferences and related SharePoint Events as possible, attending the Workshops and Keynote Speeches, or Sponsoring/Exhibiting our solutions at the Venue. In 2014 we attended 5 International SharePoint Conferences, and we have 2 more confirmed until the end of the year. Take a look at our Conferences Calendar:

SharePoint Connect

SharePoint Connect

18-19 November | Amsterdam – The Netherlands | Booth #09

Blog Post: SharePoint Connect Amsterdam 2014
SPCon14 Website:
SPCon14 Twitter: @EventTeams


SharePointFest Chicago

SharePoint Fest

08-10 December | Chicago – USA | Booth #23

SharePoint Fest WebSite:
SharePoint Fest Twitter: @SharePointFest

EnovaPoint Team Felipe Zagonel