SharePoint Server 2016 has been delayed

I believe it was a surprise not only for us at EnovaPoint, but for the whole SharePoint community, when last Thursday, April 16th, Seth Patton, Senior Director of Product Management for the SharePoint, announced that the release of SharePoint Server 2016 will be delayed a whole year.

According to the Microsoft post, SharePoint 2016 is now going to be available in the 2nd. quarter of 2016 and a public beta is planned for the 4th quarter of 2015.

This SharePoint server release brings good news for bigger organizations which are interested in maintaining their own servers, because, besides SharePoint Online, the on-premises versions will also be maintained in the future, thus allowing hybrid solutions and a wider range of applications.

More information will be given during the Microsoft Ignite, but some general areas of improvement were disclosed already.

One of the things to change for the better is user experiences. Workplace infrastructure evolves together with its workers, so a lot of improvements are to be expected in accessibility of data in SharePoint, across multiple platforms.

A lot of experience gained from maintaining Office 365 infrastructure will also be used to make your available deployments more reliable, scalable and even perform better.

Another area to see big improvements is compliance and reporting. We can expect better data protection, improved reporting, and data analysis. With the nature of workspace and user expectations changing, there are really necessary improvements that we are looking forward to!

Anthony Burneika