Send Newsletter from Sharepoint up to 7 times faster with JungleMail Enterprise

Here comes a new edition of our popular SharePoint Group Email software - JungleMail Enterprise. It is not so different from the previous released top range edition – Premium Pro, so why exactly is it here? The reason is SPEED. Enterprise takes SharePoint Group Email sending to a new level.

Imagine having to send 10,000 emails to your subscribers regularly, each email containing multiple trackable links, and then collecting data from all of their actions for future analytics. This will generate a considerable amount of new items in your SharePoint and you will notice things starting to slow down after a while. It might not only take more time to access data of previous campaigns, but also the process of sending new group email campaigns will take longer.

We made e-mail processing in SharePoint much faster

One reason for slow group email sending is that SharePoint is relatively inefficient in storing huge amounts of data, while SQL server is much quicker. So we decided to bypass SharePoint, and instead of giving all of the email campaign data to SharePoint for it to process and store in the database, we write it directly into the database tables.

Storing SharePoint email campaign data directlly into SQL Storage

This idea gave birth to JungleMail Enterprise and the results were even better than we expected. Here are some testing results:

Local SMTP - SharePoint 2010 standalone, local MS SQL Express, IIS local SMTP relaying to Microsoft Exchange Server:

Sending 1.000 Emails from SharePoint - SharePoint Storage X SQL Storage

The local environment is where JungleMail enterprise truly shines: we achieved 3 times the previous group email sending rate using this new feature, improving from 100 e-mail/min to 300 email/min. This represents a total time reduction of 61,5%.

SQL storage makes a difference to group email sending rate from your local SharePoint even if you use a remote SMTP server. Of course, the difference will not be so significant, because you now have to worry about connection speed to the remote server and limits. Check these results when using a free SMTP server:

Remote SMTP - SharePoint 2010 standalone, local MS SQL Express, SMTP: Mandrill free (

Sending 100 Emails from SharePoint Remote SMTP - SharePoint Storage X SQL Storage

If you already have the latest version of JungleMail (3.4 or newer) installed and you want to improve speed and performance sending group emails, no further installation will be necessary. Just enable JungleMail Enterprise by ordering an upgrade. All your previous E-mail templates, job, and tracking information will be preserved. And you can also migrate already existing campaigns data from SharePoint to the new SQL database, clearing up your environment. Migration is not difficult. Simply select one checkbox in JungleMail Site Collection settings and all of your data will be migrated. Take a look at our migration test results:

Data migration from SharePoint Lists to SQL Database
Environment: SP 2010 standalone, local MS SQL Express.
Content: 22598 items (Lists: History, Tracker Links, Tracker Actions)

Time: 2 min 0 sec
Speed: ~ 10000 items / min.

Sending Email from SharePoint SQL Storage

If you are new to JungleMail and are interested in testing Enterprise, we invite you to download the 30 days trial and compare the results. Also, for the next 3 weeks, until September 5th, JungleMail Enterprise will be available with a discount of 20% off by using the Discount Code: Enterprise.

I hope you enjoyed this news like we did. EnovaPoint is constantly searching for new ways to improve e-mail sending performance, and with JungleMail Enterprise we can agree that speed is no longer a problem. But there are such more aspects to email campaigns than sending them at full speed. If you want to learn more, you can find useful information about successful email campaigns in this post:

• Creating quality Group Email campaigns from SharePoint

EnovaPoint Team Anthony Burneika


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