SharePoint Newsletter tool JungleMail 4 Release

The New Year is here, and what better way to celebrate 2015 than with a new opportunity for you to grow your business. We are proud to announce the release of JungleMail 4 for SharePoint 2010 & SharePoint 2013, not only bringing a new set of awesome features but a new interface design.

We've put a lot of effort into this upgrade, focusing on improving user experience and overall usability. We want our clients to have a SharePoint product that would be easy to use, would look good, and would deliver great results. And we believe we achieved that!

With the new possibilities of selecting recipients, filtering mail lists and populating emails with SharePoint data, you will be able to create your marketing campaigns in SharePoint in a more intuitive, fast and simple way. Come with us as we go through the main changes in our SharePoint Newsletter Solution:

User-Friendly Interface

The first thing to be noticed, and one of the biggest changes, is the JungleMail interface. Take a look how our SharePoint group email tool looks like now.

SharePoint Newsletter tool new design interface design.


The overall graphics, colors, and lettering were simplified intending to improve readability. A lot of work was invested in organizing and ranking the information for a more intuitive process of building the email campaigns. The top menu now has a deep gray color, while the sub-menu, the navigation bar displaying the 4 composing steps of a SharePoint newsletter job, has been moved to the bottom of the page and customized.

On the first step page, the Recipient Tab, you can now choose the title of the email campaign, the “From” and “Reply to” email addresses, and build your recipients list.

SharePoint Recipients Sources and Filters

JungleMail 4 recipients’ sources were extended, now including the options of sending group emails to SharePoint users, SharePoint groups, AD users, Active Directory Security groups and AD Distribution groups. You can even select AD Groups from another domain or another forest domain, which is in trust with SharePoint server domain. All this can now be specified directly from the interface.

Active Directory Security, AD Distribution Group, SharePoint Groups email marketing campaigns recipients.


Besides that, JungleMail now can apply exclusion filters upon your mailing list according to email addresses existing in another SharePoint list view, single email or entire email domain. For example, * will exclude all emails with matching domain, and *@*.com will exclude all emails ending with .com.

SharePoint Group Email Recipients Filters.


SharePoint Email Template Editor

The email content editor has also been through some improving. We've made the editor window bigger, opening up some space for newsletter template editing; a new HTML editor has been added with a code highlighting system; and a full set of out of the box templates have been included to JungleMail, giving you enough options to create and customize a really good looking email campaign.

Edit SharePoint Email campaigns content templates and layout.


Preview SharePoint Newsletter Email Campaign.


Dynamic Attachments or Attachment's Mail Merge

A new option to attach documents to the group emails was included. Previously users could select attachments for the whole email campaign, every email receiving the same file. But now, this can be done dynamically, by mail merging the SharePoint list items or document library files of each recipient item to its respective email, every contact receiving only its own documents or related files. Pretty cool, right?

Repeater: Mail Merge from Other SharePoint List or How to get Dynamic User Specific Content

We simply love this feature as it can be used for SharePoint content delivery via email and as a reporting functionality as well. The “Repeater” allows users to dynamically generate email content by mail merging information from multiple SharePoint lists into the emails. Yes, you read it correctly: from multiple SharePoint lists at the same time.

Imagine populating an internal corporate email for the Projects Department with an overdue tasks list and today meetings' agenda, or an email from the Communications Department containing information from a couple of SharePoint lists like news, announcements and career opportunities, all customized to each recipient, everyone getting only its pertinent data.

Repeater brings Dynamic Mail Merge of User's Content from Other SharePoint Lists.


Generate email content by mail merging SharePoint information into template repeater.


Use multiple SharePoint lists to mail merge information to emails.


Run SharePoint Workflows after Sending Emails

The last features we want to point it out are the ones related to the sending process, the last step after customizing and testing your email campaign. JungleMail 4 is expanding the options of sending emails. You can schedule group emails to be sent on a specific future date and time, or them to be a recurrent group email, be sent every day, every month, or on the first/last working day.

And also with JungleMail 4 Enterprise, you can run a SharePoint Workflow on each SharePoint contact list recipient item for each email being sent. This feature allows you to work on your mailing list executing SharePoint actions, updating statuses, dates, creating other items or documents.

Run SharePoint Workflows actions on each email sent.


Discover more about JungleMail 4 features at our website, and if you can't wait to try it out, download a 30 Days Trial, fully functional, free and with no credit card required.

EnovaPoint Team Felipe Zagonel


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