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JungleMail 7.1 Released

Released JungleMail 7.1 update includes smarter recipient targeting, email size control, tools to safeguard company branding, and more. Let’s dig in.

Follow-Up on Analytics

JungleMail now automatically segments recipients based on their previous engagement so that you can quickly select these recipient groups for your next newsletter.

To start using the feature, on the Recipient source tab, select Previous newsletter. Then, click Select newsletter

select previous newsletter

A pop-up window will open, displaying all the previously sent newsletters. Next to each newsletter, you can see columns indicating the number of recipients who performed a particular action. E.g., opened the email. Select the metric, then click OK. JungleMail will automatically load the related recipients so that you can send a follow-up newsletter to them.

Pop-up window with previously sent newsletters

In the example above, we’ve decided to send a reminder email to recipients who opened the survey but did not participate in it. I.e., did not click any of the links to survey answers. Notice the Not Clicked label next to the newsletter name, indicating which recipient segment is targeted:

label next to the newsletter name, indicating which recipient segment is targeted


You can combine Follow-Up with other JungleMail features, for example, newsletter scheduling to save more time and increase engagement.

Keep that Email Size in Check

Mainly for security reasons, all email server providers limit the maximum email size that an email account can receive. This means that, if your newsletter is too large, it will be rejected and registered in your email analytics as a bounce.

With JungleMail 7.1, it’s now easy to avoid bounces resulting from too large emails. Email and Image Size Control prevents users from unintentionally embedding oversized images or trying to send an oversized newsletter. Needless to say, this ensures better email deliverability.

To configure the feature, go to JungleMail global settings and scroll down to the related section. Here, you can enable the feature and set warning thresholds as well as maximum allowable size for a newsletter and image.

Email and Image size control settings

In the image gallery, images that exceed size warning threshold but are still allowable to embed have their size displayed in the orange background. Whereas oversized images have a red label. A user will not be able to add a red-labeled image to a newsletter.

images in image gallery with their size displayed

Furthermore, email size is calculated in real time and displayed in the Drag & Drop Builder. If a newsletter exceeds the maximum allowable size limit, a user will not be able to send it.

calculated email size displayed in the Drag & Drop Builder

Ensure Consistent Branding

Last but not least, JungleMail Enterprise now has Template Lock. Essentially, this feature puts you in control over who can change your newsletter template content and layout – and to what degree. You can select from a range of options, some of which only prevent changing formatting in a specific block, while others fully lock the whole template from editing of any kind.

As such, Template Lock is a powerful tool for communication managers to make sure that company branding stays the same across internal or external emails. For example, it is easy to lock a header section so that a JungleMail end user cannot make any changes to this section or add any content above it.

JungleMail 7.1

The user is informed that header properties cannot be modified:

JungleMail 7.1

Another notification when trying to add a section above the header:

JungleMail 7.1

Farm administrators have full control over Template Lock configuration. They can also assign template administrators who can edit locked templates. By default, content blocks inherit permissions from sections that, in turn, inherit settings from the template – unless you specify otherwise. All of this means it’s possible to come up with a rather complex configuration. So we’ve created an easy way to check how it all works in practice. Simply click the Emulate user icon:

Printscreen of where emulate user

Now, you will be able to play around with all the options, and the template will reflect their impact for you as if you were a JungleMail end user.

Additional updates

In the latest released JungleMail 7.1 version, we’ve rearranged both global settings and site collection settings so that you can navigate the ever-expanding feature list with ease. And for additional peace of mind, in the Sending Settings, you will also find an option to encrypt email communication with the StartTLS protocol. This ensures that even if hackers manage to intercept your email, they will not be able to decipher its contents.

Smart recipient segmentation, personalized content, and security are among the key aspects of modern internal communications. Released JungleMail 7.1 is now better than ever equipped to handle these challenges, so why not give it a try?


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