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Hybrid Working: Advantages and Challenges of Future Workplace

Hybrid work is a game-changer in our workplaces. During the pandemic, companies adapt hybrid work model increasingly or at least consider doing so. It presently seems that everybody talks about hybrid work benefits but what are the drawbacks and how to deal with them? 

Hybrid Work

Statistics are taken from the Accenture Future of Work Study 2021

What are hybrid work benefits?

Flexible working hours

Employees working in the office environment are used to 9-to-5 schedules; however hybrid workplace allows way more flexibility. Everybody can choose to work when they feel the most productive. For instance, early birds feel the most energetic in the morning, while owls can work late at night. Furthermore, you can adjust hybrid model to work on projects with the team on the site and do focused work on their own remotely.

Hire talents from overseas

If in-office work requires employees to be local and reduces talent-hiring choices, hybrid work allows employing people from anywhere around the world. Find talents specialized in particular fields, have desired competence, or can help to move your company to a different market. Besides, hybrid work provides an option to have staff in different time zones for business needs coverage.

Staff safety and health

The hybrid model keeps employees healthier and safer simply because there are fewer people in the office. Less staff occupancy means fewer chances of infections. Employees don’t encounter an environment where a colleague could infect them. Someone feeling sick can stay at home altogether.

Cut real estate expenses

Having some employees work remotely daily means no need to have an office for full staff occupancy. Hence, a hybrid workplace saves on real estate costs as there is no need to have and maintain big spaces. It’s worth rethinking office rent and considering alternative options such as co-working spaces and satellite offices.

What are hybrid work challenges?

Interpersonal relationship

People’s connection is stronger and easier when they work together in one place and meet physically. Informal communication can have a positive effect on an organization’s operations and culture. The real connection between colleagues can increase their performance, and unfortunately, no emails or messages can overweight this.

Company’s culture

In-office and remote workers experience company’s culture and spirit very differently. Various events, meetings, celebrations, and general company’s communication differ a lot depending on whether it’s conducted online or in real life. The challenge is to keep employees motivated and in line with your company’s core values and mission.

Infrastructure of work

There are different ways how companies work in the hybrid model. The challenge is to find a way that works for your company. The tricky part certainly is that employees are split between office and home or other environments. For example, when preparing for a meeting that is conducted in the office space and online, a leader of a meeting needs to make sure that everybody has access to materials.

Technology and right tools

It’s essential to ensure that employees have the right technology and all the necessary tools to work efficiently and smoothly remotely. Computer equipment, team management software, and communication tools are crucial things to consider and are worth investing in to work productively and run business processes effectively.

How to overcome those challenges?

Despite all the question marks hybrid work puts in our heads, there are answers to most questions. Your company needs to ensure communication between employees and find new ways to empower and motivate staff. Be ready to invest in the company’s culture and create a hybrid work environment around your brand’s core values. On top of that, note that it’s necessary to ensure work fluency and provide employees with essential work materials. Make sure to have technological solutions that allow employees to work with each other between the office and online effortlessly. It’s crucial to choose the right conferencing equipment and communication tools as connecting in a hybrid workplace is vital. Psst… Don’t forget to ask your employees for feedback!

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