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How to Improve Your Internal Communication Strategy

Ever imagined there might be a better way to reach and communicate with your employees than through Outlook Groups? What if you could see whether all those internal newsletters ever get read, which of them are read most, and if their links get clicked on or even looked at? And what if you didn’t have to spend time dragging information into every new newsletter when the content is already available on your SharePoint. Moreover, what if your newsletter could be generated and sent for you at a scheduled time? Discover how to improve your internal communication strategy!

JungleMail for Sharepoint allows you to do just that!

You install our software on your servers and use contacts from your Active Directory (including all available distribution lists) to send out internal communications emails. Our reporting feature makes it easy to track email opens, link clicks and gives valuable insights into which days and subjects generate the most interest.

Furthermore, with our dynamic block feature, you can simplify and at the same time hyper personalize your internal communications. Using our dynamic block feature, the system will gather information from your SharePoint and then load it straight into your now personalized newsletters according to the preferences of each individual. Configure once, and the send-outs will happen automatically.

Protect your data

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There are many companies out there claiming to be secure internal communications and newsletter providers – however, few truly are. In other words, they use their own servers to export and store your data and track your users’ activity. As you install our software on your own servers, you no longer need to worry about 3rd party involvement. In this way, you are in full control and can be sure your internal communications remain uncompromised.

Work in intuitive ways

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Sending a perfect newsletter should only take you a few simple steps. Select your recipients, choose the content, preview, schedule and send!

Populate your emails automatically

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JungleMail allows you to create and configure your newsletter template. This way, the system gathers the content of the email and also distributes it automatically using the information available in SharePoint.

Simplify management of your IC campaigns

Internal Communication
Getting people to sign up to your newsletters has never been easier! We provide the web part to subscribe and unsubscribe for as many list topics as you wish to make available. Giving your audience different topics to choose from, gives you the ability to easily send out targeted information. In this way, you can be sure that only relevant information reaches your recipients. More importantly, you will no longer waste time sending information which is unnecessary and would compromise future internal communication with your audience.

Bring your internal comms to a new level

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