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Employee Email Survey Template Ideas

The best way to build two-way communication with your employees is to listen to them. Your communication channels can help you to find ways to make staff voices heard. Learn more and discover employee email survey template in this article.

Asking for feedback helps to understand employees’ needs and preferences and can shift your internal communications. A survey, in particular, is a convenient tool to collect input and can be embedded in your company newsletters as a part of a two-way communication strategy.

Email surveys can work as a source to boost employee engagement. This article will cover how it can be reached, including survey templates to facilitate communication and inspire you to get creative with your surveys and polls.

This blog is a part of the Recipe of Employee Engagement series:

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How effective are employee email surveys?

It’s hard to deny email effectiveness. According to the McKinsey Global Institute research, on average, 28% of work time is consumed by email, and email is checked approximately 11 times per hour. The results prove that surveys embedded in your newsletters can effectively get employees’ attention as well as responses. There are multiple benefits of embedded surveys.

Email Importance in the Workplace

Surveys save time

Firstly, creating a compelling email survey requires a few minutes using the right software. In fact, in JungleMail 365, thanks to the Drag-and-Drop builder and ready-to-send survey templates, receiving employee feedback is extremely quick.

Surveys are easy to answer

Surveys are not only easy and fast to create but also convenient for providing an answer. Besides, email surveys and polls with pre-made answer options require very little time. The less time it takes to provide feedback, the more willing employees will be to do so. 

Surveys show real-time results

With surveys, companies can collect vast amounts of data. When a survey is sent, the responses are automatically withdrawn into the analytics view with a clear overview, comments, and insights. Instead of counting answers or filling results in excel, the system can easily systemize them.

How can a survey boost employee engagement?

Make sure to make dialogues with your employees to listen and hear what’s on their minds and get them involved in communication processes, company culture, and office atmosphere in general.

By constantly collecting employee feedback, companies make changes in their internal communication and corporate newsletters strategies. As a result, constantly evolving communication and making it based on employee feedback helps with workforce retention and company results, and how much it succeeds.

What surveys to send to employees?

We’ve introduced ten different survey types and ready-to-send employee email survey template. Moreover, we share some of the two-way communications ideas you can implement in your newsletters with embedded surveys.

Employee Email Survey Template #1: Rating

Frequently used email surveys are at the end of a newsletter template, asking you to rate how much you liked a newsletter or provided news. Choose between different icons and implement survey comments so employees can share in-depth feedback about a specific question. 

Employee Email Survey Template

Employee Email Survey Template #2: Mood thermometer

Use mood thermometer in various scenarios: get to know employees’ current well-being, their feelings about specific changes or updates, or their general mood.

Employee Email Survey Template

Employee Email Survey Template #3: Image-based survey

Image-based surveys have multiple uses. They can help to decide on company matters such as product prototypes, branding colors, or website design. Another option is to use it for employee-focused topics, for instance, voting on employees’ out-of-work activities or team MVP of the month.

Employee Email Survey Template

Employee Email Survey Template #4: Employee-focused survey

Firstly, get to know your employees and what they like. These types of surveys can be fun and very engaging. For instance, ask employees about their childhood dream profession and their favorite kind of coffee or color, which can tell about their personality.

Get to Know Your Employees

Employee Email Survey Template #5: Business-related survey

Surveys open new opportunities to get ideas to flow in the workplace. In addition, surveys can help include employees in the creation or update processes by asking their opinion on different questions and creating a space where employees would feel comfortable sharing their feedback on a product prototype, website design, or branding colors. Also, inserting images can boost your survey engagement and make answer options visually clear.

Employee Email Survey Template


Employee Email Survey Template #6: Feedback

Gather the feedback that matters. Employees are the ones dealing with internal processes and systems. How to make their experience better? Undoubtedly, by asking for feedback directly from the users.

Employee Email Survey Template

Employee Email Survey Template #7: Employee engagement

Ask questions employees would be interested to learn about each other and share the results. This type of survey aims to initiate a dialogue between the employees. So, for instance, ask employees about their favorite activities and organize meet-ups of groups of employees interested in the same activity. Use surveys as a tool to boost employee connections with each other. 

Employee Email Survey Template

How to make effective employee surveys?

  • Set a clear goal for a survey – for what and why do you need employee feedback?
  • Make survey questions actionable – the questions have to be easy to understand as well as provide an answer.
  • Don’t put too much information – simply provide clear call-to-action what employee needs to do to answer a survey (click on an icon, number, picture, etc.).
  • Share survey results with your employees – don’t leave them hanging without any follow-up on a survey.
  • Take action on survey findings – implement newsletters, communication or company strategy changes.
  • Conduct surveys frequently – send surveys regularly to understand the pulse of employees.

How to start sending surveys?

Start with your JungleMail 365 registration here if you’re a new user.

If you’re already a user of JungleMail, log in to your environment, go to the newsletter content part, and select survey or apply it to your pictures, buttons, and links.

Employee surveys boost employee engagement. When employees are heard and suggested changes are implemented, they feel satisfied with their job which brings better results for the whole company. Use employee email survey template to buid two-way communication with your employees.

Embedded surveys in your employee newsletters

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