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Effective Communication Teams Sites Management

Each organization has its own challenges when it comes to internal communication strategy and management. Processes of employee communication are even trickier in large-scale companies as multiple specialists work together with the same software. Learn more about effective communication teams sites management.

What can make content creation easier, is having separate environments of tools for each department or each communication team. Today, we’ll cover how to make internal communicators’ life easier working with internal newsletters and surveys in updated JungleMail.

Communication Team Sites

Newsletter software usually has one environment shared by multiple users. This means that all created and uploaded content is visible to others and makes it challenging for multiple users to work with the tool efficiently.

In JungleMail newsletter and survey app, you can separate content like templates, newsletters, analytics, settings, etc., between different Communication Team Sites. This makes it easy for communication teams to work with the same tool but have different environments. It means no confusion to find the right templates, saved sections, send sensitive information, and check relevant analytics of sent newsletters.

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Communication Teams and Roles Management

Previously, users’ permission roles applied to all communication sites, and it was the only environment to manage them in JungleMail. With the new update and virtual Communication Team Sites (detached from SharePoint), it became clear that management of users per Communication Team Site is necessary.   

Users’ access is now managed through Communication Team Site users management. If a user is not included in the list – they don’t have access to the JungleMail Communication Team Site. 

Therefore, all users from the global users’ list were copied to each Communication Team Site during the update. Yes, it may created some additional work reorganizing users (no other access was granted to them), however, it certainly improved users’ management process.

Note: SharePoint permissions are considered for SharePoint linked Communication Team Sites. 

New Virtual Communication Team Site

There is no longer a need to create Communication Teams dedicated to JungleMail in SharePoint sites. Global Administrators can create virtual Communication Team Sites directly in JungleMail global settings.

Communication Team Sites created in the app are not connected to SharePoint by default. Users can enable the SharePoint connection in Settings to utilize features such as Dynamic Content.

virtual communication team sites

Communication Team Sites Management

Large organizations need to have the ability to separate their work in any system used by different departments. This way, employees avoid confusion and focus only on communication content creation.

In JungleMail for Office 365, administrators needed to access the tool from separate SharePoint sites to make simple changes. With the latest update, we introduced a very convenient way to access each site.

Any user who has access to more than one Communication Team Site can easily switch between them using a button on the top of JungleMail for Office 365 application and selecting the right site from the drop-down list. Global Administrators can see all available Communication Team Sites and manage them without needing to open the application from a specific location.

Tip: name Communication Team Sites based on your company’s structure to navigate between them quickly.

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Global Administrator Role

We introduced the Global Administrator role to make the management of users and Communication Team Sites more convenient. Global Administrator accounts have access to the settings of all Communication Team Sites and can add/change roles of each user.

Users in this role can create and access the Cumulative Reports Site, where the overview of all scheduled and sent newsletters as well as their analytics is available.

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Cumulative Reports (Enterprise Feature)

Global Administrators can create and access the Cumulative Reports Site, which allows them to view scheduled newsletters and overall analytics and reports of sent newsletters of all Communication Team Sites.

Users have an option to filter analytics data by date. Cumulative Reports show the number of sent newsletters, open and click rate, bounces, unsubscribes, and also distribution rate of reading devices. Global admins can check the statistical breakdown of each sent newsletter, manage scheduled newsletters, and process reports.

Tip: Instead of comparing analytics going through different sites, create Cumulative Reports Site to overview sent newsletters in one place.

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Upgraded Enterprise and Pro Plans

We provide three subscription plans for the newsletter solution for Microsoft 365: Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. In each plan, users can separate their newsletter data such as templates, sent newsletters, images, analytics, and sending accounts between different JungleMail Communication Team Sites.

Having more than one Communication Team Site means that each communication team in your organization can have a dedicated environment. This makes it easier for different departments to work with the same tool but separate their work.

Just recently, we upgraded JungleMail for Office 365 Pro and Enterprise subscription plans. Pro plan to have two Communication Team Sites instead of one and Enterprise plan to have unlimited Communication Team Sites.

Note: Global Administrator can access all Communication Team Sites, create and view Cumulative Reports Site.

Communication Teams Sites Management

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Software dedicated to medium-size businesses and enterprises makes a huge difference in employees’ work efficiency. Investing in the right tools means that internal teams can focus on content creation instead of technicalities. Dive into the power of communication teams sites management with JungleMail 365 to foster collaboration across your organization.

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