Junglebell release visual

Automate SharePoint Reminders With JungleBell

The latest version of JungleBell looks better and packs more features to customize and send SharePoint alerts and reminders. Now users have the option to personalize alerts with information from multiple SharePoint lists and to run a workflow once the alert is triggered. Let’s take a look around.

User-Friendly Interface

The first thing to be noticed is the JungleBell interface.

Junglebell alert interface

Following the redesigned visual identity of EnovaPoint products, with simplified graphics, colours, and fonts, we’ve improved usability and brand awareness. The menu on the top is now dark grey, while the sub-menu, displaying 4 composing steps of a SharePoint alert, has been moved to the bottom of the page.

SharePoint Email Template Editor

The alert content editor has also been through some improving. Because of the page redesign users now have more space for template editing directly from the JungleBell interface.

You are not interested in creating your own alert email code? JungleBell comes with a full set of out of the box templates. Moreover, giving you enough options to create and customize a really good looking alert or reminder. Here is the list of JungleBell templates you will be getting access to:

• JungleBell – Item was created;
• JungleBell – Item was modified;
• JungleBell – New or modified items summary;
• JungleBell – Column was changed;
• JungleBell – Item was deleted;
• JungleBell – Expiring items;
• JungleBell – Meetings summary;
• JungleBell – Task status was changed;
• JungleBell – Expired items notification;
• JungleBell – Daily reminder.

Junglebell interface

Mail Merging from Multiple SharePoint Lists

If we were excited to introduce the Dynamic Content feature in JungleMail, we are even more thrilled to bring this to JungleBell. Dynamic Content allows users to generate user-specific alert content by mail merging information from multiple SharePoint lists into the email messages.

The possibilities here are limitless. Imagine populating a corporate alert with a user’s overdue tasks list, or today meetings’ agenda, or all new projects assigned to a specific user, and all of that containing information from a couple of SharePoint lists at the same time.

SharePoint Reminders With JungleBell

SharePoint Reminders With JungleBell

Customize SharePoint Reminder Workflows

As you know in SharePoint you can Start a Workflow when a new item is created, an item is changed or you can execute it manually, with JungleBell 2 Premium you can automate this process and start a workflow on schedule, recurrently or when particular conditions are met.

The ability to retrieve any SharePoint list content, combined with SharePoint Workflow scheduler, allows JungleBell to automate complex processes in an organization.

SharePoint Reminders With JungleBell

Finally, discover more about JungleBell features at our website or, if you can’t wait to try it out, download a 30-day free trial of a fully functional version.