Newsletter and Group Email Solution
for SharePoint 2010 & 2013

Send better corporate Newsletters and Bulk Emails

Send internal or external emails to:

SharePoint List Recipients
or Subscribers

Send mass emails to recipients or subscribers stored in SharePoint or Office 365 lists.

Active Directory Security
or Distribution Groups

Send emails to Active Directory users, security or distribution groups. Mail Merge from Active Directory group. Learn more

SharePoint Groups &
SharePoint Users

Expand SharePoint groups and send separate emails to each group member Email SharePoint group.

Contacts in SQL Database
or BCS List

Send bulk emails to contacts stored in database like SQL Server by using Business Connectivity Services (BCS).

JungleMail allows SharePoint users to send personalized mass emails to a large number of recipients. Regardless of the number of emails being sent - 400, 5000 or even more - you can rest assured that they will reach your client, user and will be looking good.

Newsletter solution for Office 365

Mail merge from SharePoint, AD, SQL

Personalize emails by
mail merging data from:

  • SharePoint lists;
  • SharePoint Groups;
  • SharePoint Users;
  • Active Directory Security groups;
  • Active Directory users;
  • AD Distribution groups;
  • Subscribers List;
  • SQL Server via BCS list.
Mail Merge Documents

Dynamically attach files from
SharePoint list items or library

Taking email customization to the next level. Dynamically attach user related files from list or documents library. Or combine JungleDocs and JungleMail to generate and email personalized documents.

Send email with attachments in SharePoint 2013 & 2010

No workflows, no coding. Just drag & drop.

Reuse Email Content

Save a lot of effort by reusing content from previously sent jobs to create new newsletters by using the History & Monitoring tab.

Get any SharePoint content. From any list. No boundaries.

Automatically insert any SharePoint list data into email body using Repeater. Generate user specific emails and email reports.

SharePoint Content Repeater and Mail Merge
SharePoint Content Repeater and Mail Merge

Imagine sending meeting agendas, projects statuses, policy expirations, overdue tasks, or any other information stored in your SharePoint environment in a way that all recipients only receive data relevant to them. And the best part is that it works on multiple lists at the same time. Just set up repeater conditions and JungleMail will do the rest.

Topics of interest. Subscribe. Unsubscribe.

Improve customer engagement and solidify your audience profile by letting them decide what content they want to receive in their emails.

Subscribe SharePoint Users and Send Emails

With JungleMail and its subscription SharePoint Web Part you can generate topics of interest and let your users subscribe and unsubscribe to them at any time.

Subscription Web Part

JungleMail allows you to place an out of the box fully customizable subscription Web Part in any page of your SharePoint environment. Publish it on the company website for lead collection, or on an intranet page for internal purposes. The Web part can be operated in two modes: logged In SharePoint users and Anonymous.

Manage Subscriptions

Insert a personal Unsubscribe/Manage Subscription link to every email sent, allowing recipients to adjust their preferences to your messages.

Analysis & Reports. Track link clicks & opens.

Know exactly what’s happening in all your email campaigns right now and without leaving your SharePoint

Find out who opens your newsletters and clicks on the links in your group email.

SharePoint Newsletters Analytics and Report

JungleMail displays results of real-time analysis and will provide you with an in-depth report of group emails sent from your SharePoint.

It lets you determine the best performing subject, content, week day or time parameter, which makes sending of bulk emails most efficient.

Follow up multiple recipients at once

What about sending a new email notification to everyone who didn’t open the previous email sent?

JungleMail allows you to distinguish and contact people who have expressed an interest in your previous newsletter or announcement, or did nothing at all.

Give them a second shot and send a new email loading the recipients from “Unopened e-mails”, “Link clicks”, re-using a template or writing a new text.

Big sender or having a lot of recipients?
Want to execute a SharePoint workflow on recipient item?

Then JungleMail Enterprise version is right for you

Designed for high email volumes

Bypass SharePoint storage and write history, link clicks & opens tracking information directlly into SQL database.

Enhanced speed and performance

Send up to 300 emails per minute, 18 000 emails per hour, from local SharePoint environment or remote SMTP server.

Execute SharePoint Workflow

Update your records while sending mass email campaign by running SharePoint workflow for each email sent and on schedule.

Send newsletters from your own code using JungleMail API.

Works internal. No 3rd parties involved.
Your most secure newsletter solution yet.

100% Internal Communication Solution

Works inside of your local network and domain. No external web service calls or data storage.

Build for SharePoint On-Premises

Solution on top of your SharePoint. Natively works with SharePoint content, AD and metadata.

SharePoint Security Applies

Based on SharePoint lists, folders and items security model. Control who can access or do what.

User Lists and Activity Tracking

Works with your existing SharePoint Lists, Users and Groups; AD Distribution lists and Groups; BCS.

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