Document Automation Add-in for Office 365

Flawless Document Automation

Easily create client ready reports, contracts,
spreadsheets, presentations and more in Office 365

Assemble Word Documents from Multiple Files

Select smaller documents to merge them into beautiful reports, contracts and more

Split relevant information into numerous small files and merge them by selecting checkboxes.
Generate business ready contracts, proposals, reports and much more within seconds.

Create Professional Presentations

Select pre-made slides and information blocks to quickly create PowerPoint presentations

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Make it easy for everyone in your organisation to create professional PowerPoint presentations that are ready for use.
Simply select the information and slides you want to use to create a new presentation.

Effortless Charts and Graphs

Visualize your Office 365 data in stunning reports, complete with charts, graphs, statistics and more

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Export SharePoint Online lists, views, selected or filtered items into clean reports.
Customizable, smart and surprisingly easy to use.

Mail Merge from Office 365 Lists

Mail Merge Word, Excel, PowerPoint, selected items and views.
Easily fill-in with metadata, lookup lists, images and rich text.

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Use Mail Merge to create business letters, labels, custom proposals, contracts, worksheets and more.
Save time on routine tasks, avoid repetitive and error prone copying and pasting.

Smart Document Management

Automate document naming and metadata filling.
A smart tool to help align your business

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Different employees use different naming rules, making it difficult to find specific documents when you need them.
JungleDocs automates document naming and storage - an effectively simple way to establish uniformity
across your organization and increase efficiency.

Automate document creation

Create documents quick and easy by selecting checkboxes. Everyone in your organisation can create documents without effort, making sure all documents look professional.

Manage templates

Easily modify or create templates to fit your reports, contracts, forms, presentations and more. Create a consistently high standard for all documents within your organisation.

Create documents

Select any data on your SharePoint Online to fill your document templates. Or use content from smaller or older documents to create new ones. Save your documents as Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF.

Improve document storage

Streamline document naming and storage across your organisation, without the need to teach each employee specific naming and storage rules. Always know where to find your documents.

Use JungleDocs with:

  • Contract Management
  • Business Proposals and Sales Agreements
  • Quotations. Account Plans and Invoices
  • Contracts, letters, legal documents
  • Human Resources documents and HR forms
  • Assembly of presentations
  • Labels, envelopes and business letters Mail Merge
  • Reports: Sales, project issues, work hours, financial.