JungleMail 3 - the SharePoint newsletter and group email solution.

Includes a subscription management, email opens and link clicks tracking web parts. Powerful and unique in simplicity, it offers new methods of mass communication.

Crafted since 2010, JungleMail is an easy to use
group e-mail solution for SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2010.

It doesn’t seem possible that JungleMail with so many features
could be so easy to use. But it is.
JungleMail allows SharePoint users to send personalized bulk emails to a large number of recipients.
Regardless of the number of emails being sent - 400, 5000 or even more - you can be confident
that the email will look good and will reach your client, partner or subscriber.

JungleMail isn’t just SharePoint bulk email software.
It’s an analytic tool.

JungleMail will let you know exactly what’s happening in all your
bulk email campaigns without leaving SharePoint.

Send emails to many contacts at once.
Track, analyze and find the best parameters, too.

JungleMail shows real-time analysis values and provides you with an in-depth report of group emails sent from SharePoint. It helps you to determine what the best subject and content would be and allows you to know what week day and time would be most efficient for sending your group email. JungleMail brings accountability to your SharePoint bulk email campaign as it records every email opened, link clicked or unsubscribed activity.


Use JungleMail to send automatic alerts, reminders and notifications from SharePoint.

The recurrence feature, which we introduced in JungleMail 2.3, allows you to repeat a group email job on the selected weekdays or until the set date. Use it to send automatic alerts and reminders. Whether you want to remind a client of an overdue invoice or notify a colleague of an approaching deadline, you can be sure that the alert will always be sent on time. You can then check whether the recipient reads the reminder and takes further actions.

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Our clients use JungleMail for sending mass newsletters,
announcements, marketing campaigns or group emails
from SharePoint lists.

Some use it for the delivery of scheduled notifications on overdue tasks,
contract, policy expirations or as an extension of the standard SharePoint alerting functionality.