SharePoint newsletter and group email solution.

Subscribe users, send group email, track email opens and link clicks.
Powerful and unique in simplicity, JungleMail automates communication.

Send emails to recipients in SharePoint or BCS lists, 
AD security or distribution groups. And stay in SharePoint.

It doesn’t seem possible that JungleMail with so many features
could be so easy to use. But it is.

JungleMail allows SharePoint users to send personalized bulk emails to a large number of recipients.
Regardless of the number of emails being sent - 400, 5000 or even more - you can be confident
that the email will look good and will reach your client, partner or subscriber.

Templates and
SharePoint Mail Merge

How easily and how quickly you can reuse the existing group email content and style is important. In JungleMail, email templates are loaded in the same window and the entire process is very straightforward. The same approach of content loading was tested in internet banking systems and was found to be very convenient.

SharePoint mail merge

When you want to send a personalized bulk email to each contact in the distribution list, just insert any SharePoint column to get it changed to a real value. It can be, for example, first and last names, company names or any other column from the SharePoint list.

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Group E-mail Analysis & Reports

Know exactly what’s happening in all your email campaigns right now and without leaving your SharePoint.
Find out who opens your newsletter and clicks on the links in your bulk group email.


JungleMail shows real-time analysis values and will provide you with an in-depth report of group emails sent from your SharePoint.
It lets you determine the best subject, content, week day and time parameter of when sending the bulk email is most efficient.


Follow up multiple recipients at once.

It has never been so easy to get in touch with previous contacts. JungleMail allows you to contact people who have expressed an interest in your previous newsletter, announcement or marketing campaign.

Give them a second shot and send a new email by writing new text or loading the text from a template.

You can choose to contact people who clicked on your email, just viewed it or took no action.

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Template Management

Create & manage your group email templates with an easy-to-use template manager.
Load email content from templates whenever you need to. This does not override other settings, just loads the group email content.

External & internal usage

JungleMail Core and Web parts provides powerfull features to use it in different enviroments, as JungleMail subscription web part can operate in two modes: Loged In SharePoint users and anonymous users.  Subscription and tracking web parts can be placed on other site collections or even farms.  

Integrate with your applications

JungleMail group email or newsletter sending jobs can be executed from your solutions or worklows. Job Analytics data can be accessed from code using JungleMail API.  

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Our clients use JungleMail for sending mass newsletters,
announcements, marketing campaigns or group emails
from SharePoint lists.

Some use it for the delivery of scheduled notifications on overdue tasks,
contract, policy expirations or as an extension of the standard SharePoint alerting functionality.