The flexible tool to automate SharePoint Document Management and Generation

Apply Document Management Best Practices:
Automatically name documents. Save them in the required place.
Automate Documents:
Mail Merge Word, PowerPoint and Excel files with SharePoint items data.
Avoid unnecessary inputting or copy-pasting:
Copy item properties, pre fill metadata, reuse information.
Make information more flexible and updatable:
Update document all in one place. Reassemble them when needed.
Convert files into PDF:
Bulk convert Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents to PDF.
Export data from SharePoint:
Export SharePoint lists, views and selected items into professional reports.

Where can I use JungleDoc?
Well, the list is long because JungleDoc is very flexible, but with the help of our customers, we defined some different scenarios where JungleDoc is delivering its best performance.

Contract Management
Business Proposals and Sales Agreements
Quotations, Account Plans and Invoice
Contracts, letters, legal documents
Human Resources documents and HR forms
Assembly of presentations
Labels, envelopes and business letters Mail Merge
Reports: Sales, project issues, work hours, financial.
JungleDoc release history
The latest version is always available from the download page, and if upgrading follow the upgrade instructions.
(25 March, 2014)
JungleDoc 3.0 release
New features:
All new look and feel.
Report generation.
Document creation from scratch.
Document conversion to PDF.
(22 January, 2014)
JungleDoc 2.4 release
New features:
Excel files support (creating excel documents, editing templates, filling cells with content from SharePoint).
Improved large Word documents content filling performance.
Design fixes for SharePoint 2013 non-default themes.
(10 October, 2013)
JungleDoc 2.3 release
New features:
Filling Word documents with rich text (HTML) from SharePoint Multiline Text Column.
Find Items function for Word Reports.
Get View function with dynamic filtering for Word Reports.
(22 April, 2013)
JungleDoc 2.2 release
New features:
PowerPoint presentation merging from small parts.
PowerPoint presentation content filling.
Fixed themable CSS files not working on multilanguage environment.
(19 March, 2013)
JungleDoc 2.1 release
New features:
Reverse Lookup support.
Automatic creation of target folder structure for new documents.
(6 November, 2012)
JungleDoc 2.0 release
New features:
Improved design.
Document mail merge function (creating multiple documents from multiple items)
Introducing JungleDoc .NET and JavaScript API
Multilanguage support
Small Parts: Improved copying bullets and numbering styles.
Small Parts: Support for copying text with bullets and numbering.
Small Parts: Improved copying pictures with hyperlinks.
Small Parts: Copying broken pictures.
Word document ('small part') merging improvements.
Uploaded file name fix for Internet Explorer.
(7 June, 2012)
JungleDoc 1.3 release
New features:
Introducing JungleDoc Premium Pro version.
JungleDoc Constructor. Merge Documents in SharePoint. Creating Microsoft Word document using template and merge content from other documents (Small parts) to one.
Small Part grouping.
Copying Excel/Visio objects from source document to target.
Inserting pictures from SharePoint into MS Word documents.
JungleDoc Rule: Added help texts and formula samples.
(27 September, 2011)
JungleDoc 1.2 release
New features:
Currency in words support: Euros with cents.
Fixed installation of help content.
Editing JungleDoc Rule: Fixed text and formula sample.
Fixed priorities of formula functions (get latest number function).
(26 June, 2011)
JungleDoc 1.1 release
New features:
Document auto-numbering.
Rich text field support.
Currency in words support: Lithuanian Litas and US Dollars with cents.
Generation of "Sample document" from Edit rule dialog.
(25 March, 2011)
JungleDoc 1.0 release
The initial release of JungleDoc.