JungleDoc configuration guide

Creating JungleDoc rules

JungleDoc rules are configured on a content-type basis. You can configure rules for site or list content types. JungleDoc rules can be nested through the SharePoint site content-type structure.
A simple way to create a JungleDoc rule for the list content type is using the main JungleDoc dialog.

Note: Click here to download the predefined JungleDocDemo site template for SharePoint 2010 (wsp, 5.30 MB); alternatively, click here to download the template for SharePoint 2013 (wsp, 5.44 MB). It will speed up your configuration process and you will better understand how JungleDoc rules should be configured. 

1. Navigate to the SharePoint list for which you want to create a JungleDoc rule, e.g. the company list.
2. Select the necessary list item.
3. Click the JungleDoc ribbon button (click on the images below to open them in a new window).

4. Click the Add new rule link.

5. Specify the target location. The new document will be saved here.
6. Choose the target content type. This will be the content type of the newly created document.

7. Define the rule name. This name will be shown in the main JungleDoc dialog.

8. Choose whether you want to use default file naming or specify your own filename. Default file naming copies the source document name and adds '- Copy' to it. A specified filename can be a sample filename text or a formula. You can use the example formula link for automatic file naming.

9. Select the column values to be copied from the source item. If you want to copy all column values, make sure that the names of source item and target document columns are identical. Alternatively, you can select which column values to copy.

10. Specify new metadata values. You can assign a static value or use a formula to calculate a value. Specified values override the copied ones. Copying or setting the column values helps you to avoid typing or copy-pasting the information when creating new documents from source items.

11. Click the OK button.
12. The new rule has been created and is now accessible in the current library for documents of the same content type as the content type of the selected source document.

Creating documents with JungleDoc

After JungleDoc rules are configured, you can start creating documents using JungleDoc.
1. Navigate to the document library where the source document is located. The source document is a document from which you are going to create a new document.
2. Select the source document.
3. Click the JungleDoc ribbon button.

4. Move the mouse over the JungleDoc rule and click 'Use template' to create a document from a content type template, 'Use source' to copy document contents from the source document or 'Upload' to upload a new document.

Note: Check the 'Navigate to target list after creation' checkbox and you will be redirected to the document library where the new document is located.
Check the 'Open after creation' checkbox and the new document will be opened in an editing program – Microsoft Word for a .docx document or Microsoft PowerPoint for a .pptx document.

5. The document properties editing dialog window for the newly created document will appear.
Note that a new filename has been generated and date columns have been calculated according to the JungleDoc rule. Most column values have been copied so that there is no need to copy-paste this information. Only the data specific to this particular document has to be entered. Once you have reviewed the information, click 'Save'.

6. The new document has been created.